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Unhappy pokemon firered action replay codes glitch!

hello! i live in Australia and i really wanted to get to the ticket event islands on my emerald and firered so i bought a brand new action replay max gba/sp from the UK. well i warped to all the event islands on emerald and nothing bad or out of the ordinary happened (i had beaten elite four).
but i tried codes on my firered and encountred a strange glitch... (i only have one badge so far) well if i put in a code like instant ko it works but all my items become infinity! example (potion ?983) AND if i acceses my tm/hm folder the game freezes on a black screen this also happens with all the other cheats like WARPING TO NAVEL ROCK. please help iv tried many diffrent ways like keeping the action replay off untill i want to warp somewhere but as soon as i turn it on that weird glitch happens!.

i am playing an australian firered and a UK action replay max gba/sp. help would greatly be appreciated.