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Default Re: Why don't you play ASB?

Originally Posted by Paperfairy View Post
Well, its kind of the reason why I'm really only geared toward things with a new storyline and new outlook. Fan fictions have that, role plays almost always have that, and decent Pokemon spin off games, like PMD, have that as well. It's a step in a new and different direction as opposed to the same old new trainer starting off in a new region with team so-and-so to fight. I'm not saying the ASB league is that, but in order for me to be really interested, its got to have a storyline and a background. A battle without a storyline is just mindless fighting, which is why I lost interest in the URPG and never returned. To me, I see the ASB league like the URPG, just with a different layout and format. It may be thrilling for a few seconds, but its easy to get bored of it. However, if there's a strong storyline behind it and all the characters involved have a rich storyline surrounding them, it makes it much easier to appreciate the battle.

Second, and for the same reason I stopped the URPG, I have a long list of other things I'd rather spend my time on. Stuff like RP, graphic art work, XBox 360, writing, and so on.

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