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Default Re: Project 萌ology ~nipaa nipaa nipaa nano-desu~

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
But it's still awesome nonetheless. Sad they stopped the series with //link
My thing was that the 3 games didn't match the awesomeness of Tales of Symphonia, which came out before it. The fact that Symphonia was longer than all 3 games combined, had better gameplay, and comparable story made //GU a bit dull for me. The anime was better.

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Ice queen that's a protagonist... kinda yea. You'd be surprised on how they add in chars fast (introduced 3 new females in 1 ep)
Ice queens are a common archetype though. Vanguard needs to finish in 12 eps, so I can see why they'd do that.

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
IC... gonna try madoka. Watched 1 Ep of Rainbow Gate... ecchi fanservice... wut boobies and butts everywhere... and those exaggerated emotions again similar to yakitate japan/grander musashi/cooking master boy... except gambling this time... pft
Oh lmk how you like Madoka after a couple episodes in. Like 3-4 would suffice, I would presume.

I'll check out Rainbow Gate then. Guilty pleasures. XD


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