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Default Re: Why don't you play ASB?

Originally Posted by Rival Silver View Post
I browsed it a tiny bit, and quite frankly I found it too complicated with SO MUCH DETAIL, WITH EVERYTHING. I found the URPG to be simplistic. Simplisity is beauty to me.
Agreed 100%.

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg View Post
Because the anime is an abomination and I don't want to support it.
...playing ASB doesn't support it. whatever.

Originally Posted by Dragoness View Post
*I played it for a little while, then stopped. Partly it was b/c of inactivity (on the part of the ASB officials, not the other players) and partly b/c I found it too be both a little too rigid and a little too complicated for casual play.

If it were to come back, I would suggest making the rules more clear and a little less complicated. I'd also suggest making the process to become an ASB official easy while still maintaining a high standard for wannabe officials.

* I stopped playing several months before the ASB closed, so the conflicts I had with the ASB may have been resolved to some degree before its closure, just an FYI.
Inactivity is a huge problem I'm looking to address. Could you elaborate on the rigid aspect? We are also working on making it a little less complex. And what do you mean by ASB official?

Originally Posted by HelloImKers View Post
because asb is just like the urpg except stupid
Thanks for the complete lack of constructive criticism. Come back with something helpful.

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
Never really looked into it, but I can honestly say traditional Pokemon battling in general has become just tiresome for me. I need something with a lot more substance and storyline, and both the URPG and the ASB don't seem to have that.
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