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Default VS Seeker

-- banner credit to Trainer17.


Important Notice:
As of now, you can only be in three battles at one time!
If you exceed the limit, your battle will be LOCKED until both
of the battlers have less that three matches going on at once.

Analysis of a Challenge

(1) Single Battle, 1 Pokémon each.
(2) DQ: Three Days
(3) Damage Caps: 50
(4) Restrictions: - No direct recovery moves. - No OHKOs. This includes Perish Song and Destiny Bond. - Three Chills.
(5) Arena: Indigo Plateau (Grass)
This arena is familiar from the Jeanette vs. Ash fight from the anime (the one where Bellsprout totally owns all of Ash's Pokemon apart from Muk) . The arena has a trimmed grass floor surrounded by an elliptical auditorium. The size of the arena is 100x40 meters.
(6) Ref Style: Open

(1) – This specifies what kind of battle it will be, and how many Pokémon each player will get. Single Battle, 2 Pokémon each is the standard, however options include Double, Triple, Multi, and Rotation.

(2) – This specifies how long a trainer has to post their commands after the referee has posted (if that trainer is to send first), or how long a trainer has to post their commands after their opponent has posted theirs (if that trainer is to send second). The standard DQ length is 3 days. We all have bad days, and might not have time to post our orders, so having a DQ of 24 hours is very uncommon. We also like to keep things moving, so having a DQ of 7 days is a bit excessive and would cause the battle to drag on forever. Try and find a happy medium that suits both battlers.

(3) – This specifies how much damage, at most, can be done to a Pokemon in one round. Using these helps to protect weaker and more naďve members from killer strategies from very experienced members, and also means that you won’t automatically lose from one bad round. Don’t set it too low, though, or the match will be very boring and very long.

(4) – This specifies what restrictions there are on the battlers and their Pokemon. These can be whatever the battlers want, really. A maximum of three chills, no OHKOs, and no Perish Song/Destiny Bond are some pretty standard ones.

(5) - This specifies what arena the members will be battling on. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a challenge, as the terrain can have a big impact on the battle. Make sure to be specific when describing your arena, and try to use it to your advantage during the match.

(6) - This specifies what kind of reffing type you'll be using.
OPEN - Any ref can ref your round, at any time.
CLOSED - One ref is in charge of your battle. Only that ref can ref rounds for that battle. The number of days is how long a ref not can post before another ref is welcome to take over your battle. One week is standard.

When your thread is created, use the OPEN/CLOSE prefixes to designate.

What Now?

Once you've posted a challenge, you wait for somebody to accept it. To accept a challenge, simply quote their post and say you're accepting it. Then, the following takes place, depending on your chosen ref style:

The individual who accepted the challenge creates a thread for the battle. The first post should have the challenge details in it. They send out their first Pokémon and send their opponent a PM, altering them of the challenge.
The individual who issued the challenge replies to the thread with their first Pokémon and their first round of actions.
The individual who accepted the challenge replies with their first round of actions. You wait for a ref.

Both players wait until a ref creates a thread for the battle. You should be notified via PM or VM.
A ref will choose a battler at random to send their Pokémon first. The next player will send their first Pokémon and moves, ending with the first trainer's orders. If your ref exceeds the DQ limit during the battle, get a new one!

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