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Default Referee Headquarters

Referee Headquarters

Welcome. This thread is the headquarters for all refereeing activity and, as such, it will all take place within this thread (apart from the battles, of course). Referees will receive pay checks here, and it is here that we will also test the hopefuls (and hopefully approve them).

Becoming a Ref

To become a Referee, you must take the PE2KASBL Ref Test. The test is reset every so often.

The aim of test is to evaluate your abilities in what could occur in the PE2KASBL. If your abilities are acceptable or better, then you can start helping out around the ASBL. Note that not everything will be straightforward, so you may have to either use exterior resources or your own judgement.

In order to take the test, simply follow the scenario given below, and referee the entire round, start from finish. It would be wise to model your test after the Exhibition Battle, or really, any battle in this forum. Once you do that, you will PM your test to J_A_M_E_S. Somebody will PM you back accordingly the results of your test and, if needed, where you went wrong.

You will not be told to re-take the test. You'll simply be rejected if it's not up to good enough standards, or approved if it's of a good standard. You may not take that test again and need to wait for a new one.

You are quite welcome to ask any questions you may have about refereeing in the Question Thread, regarding status moves (duration, effect, etcetera), attack adaptations and other related things. Please, do not post them here.


You are only paid for weeks in which you actually completed some rounds.

Senior Referees: $10 for the first round, and $5 for every round afterwards per week.
Junior Referees: $5 for the first round, and $4 for every round afterwards per week.


There is nothing like an incentive to give people the will to do their job or join our team. The bonuses are thus;

- 10 actions completed in a week = $10 more in the pay check
- 16 actions completed in a week = $20 more in the pay check
- 22 actions completed in a week = $30 more in the pay check
- 30 actions completed in a week “The 3m0d0ll” = $50 more in the pay check
- 50 actions completed in a week "The White Knight" = $70 more in the pay check
- 70 actions completed in a week "Get a Life." = $90 more in the pay check
- 150 total Rounds Reffed "KBonus" = $20 more in the pay check

In order to receive pay, you must PM links to all the rounds you have reffed that week to J_A_M_E_S before midnight, Saturday, EST. Only one PM may be sent per week. Meaning that if you mess up, you have to wait until the next week. Keep Rangerings and Reffings in separate PMs. Referee pay will be given out on "Sunday". You shall only receive pay if you have refereed between updates.

Referee Test
Round 1

Dragonite (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Multiscale
Stats: +2 SpAtt
Moves: Dragonite, use Hyper Beam on Umbreon, then Dragon Pulse on Gengar.
Hyper Beam@Umbreon~Dragon Pulse@Gengar

Dugtrio (M)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Sand Force
Stats: +1 Def
Moves: Dugtrio, use Sandstorm, and then Earthquake.

Gengar (M)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Gengar, cover Umbreon with a Shadow Ball, and follow with Shadow Sneak on Dugtrio.
Shadow Ball (Cover Umbreon)~Shadow Sneak@Dugtrio

Umbreon (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 100
Ability: Pressure
Moves: Umbreon, use Toxic on Dragonite, then Guard Gengar from Dragon Pulse

Assume all accuracy rolls are successful.

Refereeing Resources
- Calculator of any sort. WolframAlpha works.
>> Compendium
>> Referee and Ranger Manual
- Veekun, for information on what Pokémon can learn what attacks.
>> Example Battle - an example, as the name suggests.

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