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Default Veteran Member Compensation

this thread only applies if you're a returning ASB member.

Sorry for your lost stats! To make up for it, we're going to give you:


- 1 Shiny Basic Pokémon, randomly generated by an Official
- 1 free trip to the Safari Zone!

To claim them, just reply to this thread. To use your free trip, simply link to your approval post here in the Safari thread instead of subtracting $10. You still need to register your Shiny Pokémon with Registration, then add to your profile.

this means that anything and everything prior to 3/6/2011 is null and void. never happened. empty out your trainer stats, and sign up again. we also suggest reading all of the new threads and stickies.

So sign up again, take a look around, and enjoy ASB! =]
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