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Default READ FIRST: ASB Handbook

Welcome to the PE2K Anime Style Battling League, or ASBL, for short!

What is ASBL?
The PE2K ASBL is a forum based game in which you can raise Pokémon and battle others for the title of ASB Champion. This is different from other forum games and traditional Pokémon games because it holds strong roleplaying elements - think of ASB like a tabletop game. It's a role play that's controlled by numbers. It's worth a try if you're looking for something different, and you enjoy being rewarded for creativity. It's called anime style battling as it follows the anime closely in how battling is done - not everything is strict, as the games demand.

How do I....

begin playing?
You'll need to choose your starter Pokémon in the Registration thread.

manage money?
The Bank is where you can view how much money to have. Winning battles, running a shop, or getting a job are good ways to make more money.

post my stats?
You are required to post your Stats in the Trainer Stats board.

You'll first need to issue or accept a challenge. You should also make it a point to learn how to battle.

battle in a tournament or challenge a Gym Leader?
When a tournament is being held, we'll make an announcement, and threads should appear in the Tournament Forum. Gyms are also found in that forum - post in the threads to issue a challenge!

get more Pokemon?
You can either catch Pokémon in the Safari Zone, or purchase Pokémon in the Adoption Center. Additionally, there will be several special events and tournaments which may give out Pokemon as prizes, so keep checking for such things.

get Shiny Pokemon?
You'll just have to be...lucky!

evolve my Pokemon?
The Evolution Dojo is where you can evolve your Pokémon.

power up my Pokemon?
The Vitamin Shop contains great powerups for your Pokémon.

start my own business?
Visit the Dragon's Den to apply for a business.

become a Referee?
There is a guide to becoming a Referee.

become a Ranger?
There is a guide to becoming a Safari Ranger.

become a Gym Leader?
Gym Leader Applications are always "open", but as of right now, we're not looking for anymore Gym Leaders.

ask a question, or give a suggestion?
You can post any questions you have in the Question and Answer Thread, and they'll be answered as soon as possible, but try and see if the question has already been answered in the various informational threads. We'll try to keep a running list of questions in the next post.

contact the staff?
You should check the full Staff list in order to figure out whom you should be contacting.

become an ASB Official?
All Officials will need to be Rangers in good standing. Officials are added as needed, and won't be given to those who ask. So don't ask. Work to be helpful and productive, and you'll be noticed for your efforts when we need more help.

What's the difference between ASB Official and ASB Moderator?
ASB Officials work to keep ASB running. They run any and all official ASB threads. They are also Referees and Rangers.
ASB Moderators work to improve ASB by making major changes. Moderators schedule events, add new features, and can administer punishments when required to. They are also Referees and Rangers.
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