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Default Re: Weekly Anime: Black & White Episode 3

Originally Posted by Skylands View Post
I thought the episode was decent. It was pretty obvious though that the Pidove could have flew off that rock surrounded by boiling hot water; I guess they were too spooked out to do so. The main thing that disappointed me here is that the "Who's That Pokemon?" segment was missing. I can't decide if the writers forgot to establish it into the episode, or it was only for the first two episodes airing?

Anyway, I love Sandile's character. His laugh at the end was awesome. Something tells me Ash will probably catch it eventually, seeing as the next Japanese episode #679's title is "Pikachu VS Sandile VS Ducklett!" and in the pictures appear the Sandile with the glasses. I suspect Sandile is following Ash and Iris the same way Oshawott did.

On a side note, Sandile wearing the glasses almost reminded me of Ash's Squirtle, when it used to the the leader of the Squirtle squad.

Yeah. After I submitted this review to be posted I realized that I should have at least given it a 3 out of 5 since at least Oshawott and Pikachu thing really made up for the lazy/horrible writing and/or animation. I did really enjoy the whole pika-speak thing. Still I didn't change my mind on the rating till I went to bed and it was too late. haha

I don't think Ash will catch the Sandile. Personally I think it will be like Jigglypuff back in Kanto, Orange and Johto where it just follows them around or something. It just happens to be there where they are at or something.

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