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Default Re: Weekly Anime: Black & White Episode 3

I thought the episode was decent. It was pretty obvious though that the Pidove could have flew off that rock surrounded by boiling hot water; I guess they were too spooked out to do so. The main thing that disappointed me here is that the "Who's That Pokemon?" segment was missing. I can't decide if the writers forgot to establish it into the episode, or it was only for the first two episodes airing?

Anyway, I love Sandile's character. His laugh at the end was awesome. Something tells me Ash will probably catch it eventually, seeing as the next Japanese episode #679's title is "Pikachu VS Sandile VS Ducklett!" and in the pictures appear the Sandile with the glasses. I suspect Sandile is following Ash and Iris the same way Oshawott did.

On a side note, Sandile wearing the glasses almost reminded me of Ash's Squirtle, when it used to the the leader of the Squirtle squad.
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