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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures [G]-Looking for guest stars!

Originally Posted by Tokyokit View Post
shoot i was thinking of evolving that eevee into umbreon

I guess I will need to either go with Fire or mixed, but even then I would need another different-typed Pokemon OH SHOOT ILL JUST GO WITH FIRE AND EVILVE EEVEE INTO FLAREON.
I should have the trainer sprite and stuff later tomorow or so.
? You don't need to have all one type of pokemon... Oh wait... I think we're having a communication flaw... Did you ask to be a Jentoh gym leader? Unfortunatley, I already have all 8 gym leaders and the elite 5 (champ included) all set. I could make you a trainer in the gym... or a Specialist like misty... Sorry if any communication wires were crossed...
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