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Default Re: Pokemon: Uprise of the Legendaries

When Ayame woke up she was on a king sized bed with a canopy, she was in a castle, the room neat and tity with cute pokemon dolls on shevles and other pokemon items.

"Uh.. huh??" Ayame muttered.

She sat up on the bed and moved aside the canopy drapes as she walked about the room.

"Now I remember.."

She walked over to the doors and tried opening them. When they wouldn't budge so jumped up and kicked them. Still nothing.

"Solid shut, she backed up a bit and looked at them.

"No problem I'll just have Luna...."

Ayame reached for her pokeballs and gripped nothing.

"Oh.. yeah..... No pokemon.."

Ayame let out a sigh and slunk down to her knees.

"No pokemon means no escape, no escape means no figuring out what's going on, no figuring out what's going on I'll never find my pokemon."

Ayame's eyes swelled up with tears.

"WAIT! I think I know where I am. I'm in that old castle... I just forgot where I saw it. Not all that much help but it's a start."

Ayame sprung up and leaped to the doors and started pouding on them.

"Hello!!! Can anybody hear me!! I'm kind of stuck!"
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