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Default Re: A WAR Proposition?

Ok, I think that would work out way better because Battleship really isnít like a normal board game. And getting to attack one another does seem a bit more like a war, huh? Iím sure there will probably be a board master or something that knows all the teamsí boards. Sounds like it would definitely be different.

I just have to ask something. You said that if a teamís airport was destroyed, they couldnít use the air strike from winning graphic art (yes I know it was an example, just going with that ^^í). What if that's the only category a team member takes part in? I know there will be possibility for repairing the airport, but will that team member still be able to compete for something to benefit the team from graphic art? In other words, do you think it would work to have maybe two assets to choose from in each category?
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