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Default Re: NAfrica in deep turmoil.

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Dude, people in the States could not afford T.Vs at the time. Now people can buy them for not even 200 dollars. A lot of things have lowered in price globally. A decade from now, we could buy a Yacht for 500 dollars (exaggeration). And I would like to point out it is not the government that is doing that, rather it is the Western companies building factories over there.
You aren't getting it. They don't care. 30 years ago the Chinese people could not afford food. Now they can. Ergo, life is much better now. And it is not solely Western companies building factories, it's the Chinese government's economic policies surrounding regulation and foreign investment which both allows those factories to be built and creates incentive for Western corporations to bring them there. Meaning that, in regards to the above point about food and being able to purchase it, they're obviously doing something right.
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