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Default Re: What inspired you to start writing?

Gosh, now that I think about it...

Well, let's see. I remember in the second and third grade, I would always start little stories and but never finish them. I would always enter the school writing contests, and win every other contest because I couldn't just win every time or it would be unfair. xD Not to brag. I'm serious. So when I was in the fifth grade, during the summer, I was playing my Pokemon Yellow version on my Gameboy Color and I thought I was stuck in the Pokemon Mansion, so I googled the answer on my horridly slow Dial-Up connection.

I found a map of the Mansion, and guess where it was posted? PE2K.

That's what got me attatched to PE2K, then the internet. THANK YOU, POKEMON YELLOW.

Anyway, so then I went back to school after the summer and was in the sixth grade. Over the summer I had taken place in our Pokemon URPG, and my writing skills improved a lot. Last year in the seventh grade I began writing my first book. I now have very large plans despite only having one book that's partially done (I started to revamp the plot, characters, and the map this year). I am currently planning three or four intertwining series. xD
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