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Default Re: Political views?

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
I think your rather childish insults should remain to yourself, for your pubescent goading will not get me to lash out at you. On further though however, it is not the fact that it is childish, rather it is because you are ignorant and will not listen to another opinion. You are as bad as a Catholic, you do not listen to something, and if you disagree with it you instantly spit it out and label it an evil ideal.

Anyway, in other news. Is it not human nature to think that you are the center of the world? We all at least go through a stage of it in our lives. And since not everyone is interested in the common good, and would rather work to sustain themselves, Marxism would never work.

The beef I have with Socialism is not the idea that everyone is equal to a certain extent, rather the problem I have with it is the economy. But, that is a totally different argument. The point is, there will AWAYS be someone out there thinking about himself and not about others, thus Marxism would never work.

And considering Animal Farm was written by a survivor of the Spanish Communist revolutions of 1938 named George Orwell, I think it is a rather accurate account of Communist mayhem.

Trollololololol. Will you stop replying to me and discuss the topic please? thankyou.
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