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Default Re: Hacked Spiritomb being distributed at BW Tour

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Although, I did notice one flaw with #2, Do we know the EVs or IVs of this Spiritomb? The hackers could've maxed all the EVs and IVs. That would make it faster, and stronger. And a MAAAAJOR problem.
Except Spiritomb has a base speed of 35. Even with maxed out IVs and EVs, the highest its speed can go is 185. Still out-sped by most of the metagame. That and it's Attack only goes up to 311 (maxed), which is decent, but it wouldn't be too hard to wall it especially if it's relying on Shadow Force/Focus Punch, which makes it screwed over by anything with Protect/Detect/type resistance.
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