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Default HKim's Stats

Name: Harry Kim
Money: $61,100
Badges: 20
Postions: URPG Leader, Park Warden, Grader, Former Ref Tester


Coordinator Statistics

Battles: 245
Wins: 119
Losses: 114
Draws: 12

Last Time Underground: June 2010

Items: TM: HM03 Surf, HM Waterfall, TM51 Dynamic Punch, TM 34 Bide, TM Bubblebeam, TM Shockwave, TM Sky Attack, TM Fury Cutter, TM Counter, TM Hidden Power x2, TM Protect, TM Substitute x2, Damp Rock, Focus Sash, Sandstorm, Sun Stone, Leaf Stone, King's Rock, Water Plate, Quick Claw, Ralts Voice Disk, Daycare Pass, Park Pass, Lum Berry x3, TM Hail


Venusaur (M)
-23 battles
- TMs: Toxic, Sunny Day, Body Slam, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb

Raichu (M)
- 32 battles
- TMs: Toxic, Focus Blast, Substitute
- BMs: Encore, Volt Tackle
- SM: Surf

Starmie (N)
- 112 battles
- TMs: Psychic, Ice Beam, Toxic, Protect, Dream Eater, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Sleep Talk, Thunder, Double Team, Reflect, Substitute, Rest, Facade, Swagger, Psych-Up, Rain Dance
- HM: Surf, Waterfall
- SM: Refresh

Charizard (M)
- 23 battles
- TMs: Fire Blast, Sunny Day, Counter, Iron Tail, Dragonbreath, Overheat, Toxic

Tyranitar (M)
- 55 battles
- TMs: Toxic, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Swagger, Protect, Aerial Ace, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Substitute
- HM: Surf
- BM: Dragon Dance

Gardevoir (F)
- 34 battle
- TMs: Toxic, Attract, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Rest

Sceptile (F)
- 2 battles
- TM: Solar Beam

Golem (M)
- 13 battles

Breloom (F)
- 20 battles
- TMs: Focus Punch, Bulk-Up, Substitute

Umbreon (M)
- 14 battles
- TMs: Shadow Ball, Toxic, Return, Substitute, Protect
- BM: Yawn
- Originally owned by JT

Dodrio (M)
- 16 battles
- TMs: Sky Attack, Hidden Power (Water)

Gengar (M)
- 20 battles
- TMs: Psychic, Attract, Psych-Up, Substitute, Thunderbolt, Protect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Energy Ball, Explosion, Focus Blast, Will-o-wisp, Taunt, Sludge Bomb, Snatch, Toxic, Torment, Giga Drain
- BMs: Haze, Perish Song

Electivire (F)
- 0 battles
- Acquired from Nitrodown
- Originally owned by Darkrai_of_Darkness

Gyrados (F)
- 7 battles

Yanma (M)
- 3 battles

Vaporeon (F)
- 0 battles
- HMs: Surf, Waterfall
- BMs: Wish, Yawn
- Acquired from Iridium
- Originally owned by Ataro

Garchomp (F)
- 19 battles
- TMs: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Brick Break, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Poison Jab, Substitute, Roar, Protect, Sleep Talk
- HM: Surf
- BMs: Outrage
- Acquired from Stinky
- Stinky acquired from Black Hawk (Probably original owner)

Bulbasaur (F)
- 0 battles

Electrode (N)
- 0 battles
- Acquired from Eraizaa-kun at the 2010 Winter's Gift Station

Luvdisc (M)
- TM: Attract
- 0 battles
- Acquired from Scourge at the 2011 Valentine's Day Auction

Metagross (Mashy)
Gender: Less
Captured: Winter Gift Station 2010 (Synthesis)
Ability: Clear Body
Moves: Take Down, Magnet Rise, Metal Claw, Confusion, Scary Face, Pursuit, Bullet Punch, Psychic, Iron Defense, Agility, Meteor Mash, Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Hammer Arm
Special Moves: TM Grass Knot, HM Strength
Battles Participated: 6
Battle Record: 3/3/0/0
Old Battles: 17/5

Female Azumarill (Wisteria)
0 Battles(s)
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Huge Power
Value: $44000
Special Moves (TMs, HMs, e.t.c.): (5) Waterfall, Surf, Rock Smash, Dive, Whirlpool
Acquired from Alaskapigeon at the 2011 Summer Gift Station
Origin: Mart

Nickname: Good Housewife, the Rotom-Wash
Obtained: 2011 Winter Gift from Synthesis
Origin: National Park
Gender: eh, what?
Nature: Bold
Battles: 20/10/0 and 1 FFA
EMs: TM Will-o-wisp, TM Toxic, TM Psych Up, TM Snatch, TM Reflect, TM Light Screen, TM Shadow Ball, TM Charge Beam, TM Hidden Power: Poison, TM Volt Switch, TM Thunderbolt, TM Rest, TM Sleep Talk, TM Rain Dance, TM Thunder, TM Protect, TM Sunny Day, TM Dark Pulse, TM Swagger, TM Telekinesis, MT Hydro Pump, MT Pain Split, MT Signal Beam, BM Sucker Punch.
Value: 159,000
Nukem Certified!

Ability: Overgrow
Gender: Male
Level Up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Growth, Double-Edge, Petal Dance, Worry Seed, Synthesis, SolarBeam, Seed Bomb
TM/HMs: None
BM/Tutored: None
Obtained: 2011 Winter Gift from Kai-Mei
Origin: Story (8/9/2011)

Gender: Male
Type: Poison/Dark
Ability: Sniper/Battle Armor
Obtained: 2011 Winter Gift from Roulette
Origin: Mart
Level-up Moves: Thunder Fang, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Bite, Poison Sting, Leer, Pin Missile, Acupressure, Knock Off, Scary Face, Toxic Spikes, Bug Bite, Poison Fang, Crunch, Cross Poison, Venoshock, Hone Claws
Extra Moves: BM Night Slash, HM Cut, HM Strength, TM X-Scissor
FFAs: 0
Value: $18,500

Bulbasaur (F)
- 0 battles
- TMs: None
- Obtained from 2012 Easter New Life Egg

Pikachu (M)
- 0 battles
- TMs: None
- MTs: Magnet Rise
- Obtained from Pman at the 2012 Spring Gift Station

Togekiss (F)
- 11 battles (7/4/0)
- FFA: 23/23 (I used Follow Me. And then got hit by a redirected Encore. It made me laugh), 18/18 (more Follow Me)
- TMs/HMs: TM 59 Hidden Power (Grass), TM 100 Flamethrower, TM 109 Roost, HM02 Fly
- BMs/MTs: Tri Attack, Nasty Plot.
- EMs: 6
- Note: Kai-Mei's second Pokemon
- Obtained from Kai-Mei at the 2012 Spring Gift Station
- Origin: Pokemart (6/09/2010)

- 0 battles
- Obtained from Siless in a trade for Shellder
- Origin: Art Gallery (11/09/12)

- Gender: Male
- Abilities: Keen Eye, Sheer Force,
- Level Up Moves: Peck, Leer, Fury Attack, Wing Attack, Hone Claws, Scary Face, Aerial Ace, Slash, Defog, Tailwind, Air Slash, Crush Claw, Sky Drop, Superpower, Whirlwind, Brave Bird, Thrash
- Added Moves:
- Obtained from Princess Crow at the 2013 Spring Gift Station
- Origin: Pokemart
- Value: 7,500

Aipom (M)
- Ability: Run Away | Pickup
- Obtained from Fierce Deity at the 2013 Spring Gift Station
- Origin: Mart
- Battles: 000
- TMs/HMs:
- Value: $6,000

Kumquat Gym Record (Retired)
Gym Battles: 3
Gym Wins: 2
Gym Losses: 1
Gym Ties: 0

Winning Trainers: Chao Breeder

Gym Pokemon: 17
Normal: Snorlax*
Water: Starmie
Fire: Charizard
Grass: Sceptile
Psychic: Gardevoir
Dark: Tyranitar
Ghost: Gengar*
Bug: Venomoth*
Flying: Fearow*
Fighting: Breloom
Steel: Metagross*
Rock: Golem
Ground: Steelix
Ice: Lapras*
Dragon: Dragonite*
Electric: Magneton*
Poison: Venusaur

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