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Default Re: The Human Species (PG-13)

Pfft, the end notes didn't even fit... What, I'm getting punished for writing a long chapter?

"Heheh… You’re as fast as always…"

"… Brendan? What do you want?"

"That Lucario… It must be mine! I’ll fight you for it!"

"I have no interest in settling such an old score, Brendan."

"… Then I’ll trade you for it! That Tauros you always wanted…"

"… While that is quite tempting, I am afraid that I cannot hold up my end of the bargain. I was unable to catch the Lucario."

"… What!? Even you? Quit playing with me!"

"By ‘unable’ I meant ‘physically unable’. I used the Master Ball, and it did nothing."

"Have you finally gone senile!? Not only did you use a Master Ball, but it DIDN’T WORK!?"

"Not senile to the point that I know that is impossible."

"Even the Master Ball could not catch him… Have you told them about it?"


"… WHAT!? Why!?"

"You know what our orders were. Catch or kill. I will not let an innocent Pokémon die for their cause."

"… You’re still far too soft! I always told you it’d be your downfall, now it seems it’s become the downfall of us all!"


"You know what is at stake here, and you LET IT LIVE!?"

"… How do we know that killing it is the only way? There might be another solution…"

"Withered old fool… Tell me, are you willing to risk it?"


"… Fine! It’s about time that you fail where I succeed! I’ll crush that impudent bug, and I’ll be revered as a hero!"

"Listen to yourself, Brendan. You sound… Insane."

"… Yes. You’re right… As always. Even so… It seems that the task ahead is too much for you, old man."


"Go work on your requiem, pray I succeed and give you enough time to finish it."


"… Nothing? No witty retort? No ‘you’re wrong and I’m right, now here’s why?’ You really are bygone."

"… Fine."


"I will not kill it… But I will find a way to stop it."

"Hah! Go ahead and try! Just don’t think you’re going to beat me to it!"

"… A challenge?"

"You bet! But I’m not getting any younger, either… Let’s make it our last… And best!"

Well... There it is. Yay. Anyway, I'm thinking of maybe taking a hiatus for a couple of weeks or months after the next chapter. Just, you know, a quick heads-up.
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