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Default Re: Political views?

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
'Country control everything', thats not the idea of it. The idea of it is that everyone is equal, if it worked in theory it'd be the best government ever, it's just imposible to make it work.
It does work in theory, it just fails in practice.

And the fundamental difference between Leninist and Marxist communism is that Marxism strives for the end goal of eliminating all forms of human inequality, reaching its logical conclusion in the elimination of government (as being part of the government puts you in a position above the common man). Before that, however, is an extremely powerful government which consolidates everything into public ownership, followed by the dissolution of government. Leninism gets halfway there, and then stops before reaching the final step. The reason it fails in practice on the Marxist front is that no human, no matter how much they agree with total equality, is going to willingly forfeit that kind of power.
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