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Default Re: Gold/Silver/Crystal Game Discussion

I completed only Crystal version's Pokedex. I had the Japanese version at the time, and I was able to do that cell phone GS ball thing using my mom's cell phone of course. XD That's like the only way I got Celebi (shiny too, lucky me)

Of course... that's all in the past. My Crystal version's save file died and all I had to say was "good thing HG and SS released~!" XD

Anyway, I had Silver, Gold, and two Crystals; JPN and ENG.

Silver Team:
Meganium F
Skarmory M
Ledian M
Raichu F
Azumarill M
Pidgeot F

Gold Team:
Feraligatr F
Ursaring M (traded from my Silver as a Teddiursa)
Togetic F
Umbreon F
Espeon M
Jolteon M

Crystal Team (JPN):
Feraligatr M
Raichu M
Flareon F
Houndoom M
Piloswine F
Suicune (lol I was a noob)

Crystal Team (ENG):
Typhlosion M
Umbreon M
Vaporeon F
Furret M
Noctowl F

XD I was such a noob back then... but at least I raised my own set of teams without some legendary in there, well minus Suicune. I hated chasing that thing around, and ending up fighting it in the Tin Tower. >_>

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