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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork


Dualisimlover, You'll love this more than dualisim. [/namejoke]

We can keep the general setting, but simply 'erase' the plot, and instead focus on hunting for the artifact.

If you don't get what I mean, then I mean this: Manhattan is powerful enough on it's own, right? However, let's just say that nobody had no clue where even one peice of the legendary artifact was, yet it was powerful enough to lure Exploration teams, Treasure Hunters, and other characters into trying to find the peices in the wilderness, or in old nooks and crannies in the cities.

However, one day, a Pokemon happened to stumble upon a clue to one of the peices of Manhattan...Or really, four clues. One for each peice, the clues subtly pointed towards the four locations of each of Manhattan's parts. This Pokemon turned it into the Government of Kon Tis, which turned it over to the National Library.

Most Pokemon couldn't make heads or tails of it. It was far too sophisticated for even the knowledgeable Psychic Types, or philosophy-enriched Dragon Types.

...Most Pokemon.

The RPers play Pokemon that have discovered several locations where a peice of the artifact could potentially be, and are motivated into hunting for them. The trick of this RP is that although each clue point towards several locations (2 to 3), even after being deciphered, only one of the potential locations lead to one peice of the artifact. The other locations weild fakes, which are exact replicas, minus the lack of power. Moreover, other RPers could easily take other peices that are unclaimed, and therefore, confrontation will be needed now and then to force RPers into giving up peices of Manhattan that you don't have. With complicated clues, fake peices, rival 'Manhunters,' and whatever traps put between the RPer and Manhattan...The RP can get pretty exiting.

Everything else (The Type caste, the cities, the country, the Government) can stay the same. Dualisim, it's your idea, so you've got full rights to this stuff. I'm just throwing out an idea.
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