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Default Re: Pokemon Devastation Mewtwo Return

Name: Lupper
Species: Piplup
Moves: Bubblebeam, Whirlpool, Drill Peck, and Hydro Pump.
Personality: A good-hearted pokemon. Lupper is a kind and caring pokemon. He loves swimming in the ocean. Though Lupper loves adventure, he is known to be accident prone. A clumsy pokemon, but a good friend. Lupper is a mischevious young pokemon, but is trustworthy. Not the strongest pokemon, but he is the strongest-spirited. Lupper loves a good laugh and is intruiged by mystery. He is a real team player.
Description: Lupper has a bandana around his neck which has a rain drop symbol on it.
Other: Lupper was abused by his trainer.

Name: Kari
Species: Pichu
Moves: Thunderbolt, Spark, Iron Tail, and Sweet Kiss.
Personality: Kari is a kind and compassionate pokemon. She will help anyone in need. She has a strong sense of justice and is very energetic. She loves to run around and play her heart out. But she can be serious when she needs to be. Kari is overall free-spirited, laid-back, and kind. She has a sharp mind and can easily think fast when situation demands it. She has trouble containing her emotions and may overeact a lot. She also jumps to conclusions and is very curious which gets her into trouble.
Description: Kari wears a red ring on her right ear and a blue ring on her left ear.
Other: Kari had the same trainer as Lupper.
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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