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Default The REAL URPG Valentine's Day Auction

Awesome banner by HikaruIzumi

Stinky and I will be hosting a Valentine's Day Auction in the URPG's IRC chat at the following times:
  • GMT-8: 3pm, Monday 14th February
  • GMT-5: 6pm, Monday 14th February
  • GMT+0: 11pm, Monday 14th February
  • GMT+5: 4am, Tuesday 15th February
  • GMT+8: 7am, Tuesday 15th February
  • GMT+11: 10am, Tuesday 15th February
If you still need to check your local time, use this Timezone Converter.

All items to be auctioned off come in pairs - a series of Pokemon couples, male and female, sold together.
Those of you lucky enough to win one then get the wonderous opportunity to make someone else in the URPG very lucky too!

Someone special to you maybe?

Close to your heart?

That right, one of the two Pokemon must be gifted to your URPG Valentine!!!

After the auction, IM Stinky or I which of the two you will be gifting, and who your treasured significant other is.
We also expect an accompanying love letter expressing your passion for this person, which shall be posted in this very thread along with the results of the auction/gifting!

Note: One gift per person, so sort it out properly first. No trading it back either. We'll be watching.

Help for using IRC:

Pokemon Ultra RPG has its own IRC Channel: #URPG

You can access the channel by clicking on the IRC Chat link on the menu at the top of the page of the BMGf forum and then typing in our channel.

#URPG is a great place to meet up with others, challenge trainers, and hang out with other URPGers!

Here is an alternative way to access IRC:

1) Go to Mibbit.
2) Click on the server link towards the upper middle of the page.
3) Enter in the following details:

Channel: #URPG
Nickname: Your name here

To register your nick:
1) Change your nickname to whatever you want first (should be your Pe2k/BMG username)
2) Type /msg NickServ REGISTER insertpassword insertemail
3) Done. Your nick is now registered and you have to enter your password to use the nick now.

Whenever you log on to IRC now, they will ask you to type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY insertpassword. Just fill in your password and it will then say: Password accepted - you are now recognized. Once you're done, just post the nickname that you registered on IRC here.
For Mibbit users, insert this command in your Mibbit tab.

/ns register yourpassword youremailaddress

They will send you a "passcode confirmation" to the email you registered. Just copy and paste the passcode from your email and paste back on Mibbit to confirm registration. And you're good to go.

Note: Our channel is under URPG jurisdiction and we reserve the right to kick anyone out or ban people should they break rules while in the channel.

Ask any questions in this thread.

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