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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Itís better if you start with a theme, or think of a central aspect, setting, or scenario and work around that. I kind of mentioned this in that RP guide I created. Start with something familiar, work a theme into in, and then combine elements from one or multiple genres into it to make it unique, and keep building around it but keeping everything tied together so its original and makes sense without too many outside distractions. The more games, movies, books (preferably science fiction/fantasy), and ideas youíre exposed to over time, the more sources of inspiration youíll be able to draw from.

Truthfully, in all my years of plot making for RPs and fan fictions, and even novels that Iíve written before PE2K, Iíve never once turned toward a history book for inspiration. History is pretty much defined, and you canít change whatís already happened. Even plots that I know of that ask a ďwhat ifĒ scenario and have an alternate event take place if different outcomes happened in a particular event in history tend to involve fictional elements as well. If youíre going to use an event in history anyway, use it as a basic catalyst for other ideas based on fantasy and science fiction. For example, what if World War II had dragons in it, and what if it was taking place on a world where oil, coal, and natural gas are so present that its actually a problem, but something so simple and taken for granted on earth, like clean air and trees, are rare and valued like gold? Or what if you started with the Vietnam War, but another dark faction called Endgame rises to power to use the war as a distraction to conquer both sides, uses a newly found Indiana Jonesís like artifact to summon dark, evil spirits to crush both sides, and then suddenly the armies of Heaven and Hell are suddenly involved in a war that escalates from a war of communism into such a confrontation that the entire spiritual essence of the world is at stake? Play around with even your wildest imagination, no one will think less of you for going all out. And yes, this is exactly how I make my RPs. Go. Freaking. Wild. Thatís the best advice I can give to anyone when it comes to plots. You may think its nuts, but Iíve done it before, and generally the more wild an idea is, the more eye-catching and thrilling it becomes.

In terms of political schemes, itís okay to have a little bit going on, but donít really overdo it. Internal corruption with a lot of bureaucrats barking at each other doesnít really make a great storyline, and in terms of an RP, itís boring. People like fantasy elements more, they like action, thrills, heroism, and its better if the storyline is left up to them, rather than them just serving as support characters to NPCs. Again, in this format, it could make a great fan fiction.

Hopefully this helps, I know its tough but donít give up on it.

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