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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

@NeoPikachu and Latio-Reol

You guys are right, I read the comments, I did go overboard on planning out this RP to the point that I left no creativity for the players whatsoever. I think this stemmed from the fact that I am a detail hog, wanting to plan out everything to the smallest detail before I do any writing. I'm kind of jealous of a lot of my friends, they can just draw or write on the spot, no planning necessary. I need to be ordered and structured before I can even do anything.

I think I'll just scrap this idea for an RP, I've gone already too far into detail to cut it down. The fanfiction idea is really tantalizing though, I'll keep this Final Conspiracy idea for a story that I can write. My mind has gone crazy, creating characters that would play roles in the plot as they go by. I can really see this taking off as a more of a fan fiction than any kind of RP. The sheer amount of detail would be too much for a player to remember, let alone process into any kind of post. To do so would require like, a page worth of writing for each post.

Oh, well, I guess it's back to square one now for RP creation. Gonna need lots of history books again. I think my main downfall was the fact that I really lack creativity. Nearly everything in this RP was borrowed off of real elements of society, especially the plot which was taken from lots of events of the 1900s, which is by far more intricate and intense than let's say, the 1700s. The Racism aspect was borrowed off modern day interpretations of American people, a.k.a.: Fighting-Ghettos, Electric-Celebrities. Hell, "Manhattan" was just a revamped version of the atomic bomb.

I can't just "create" though, I can NEVER do anything well if I'm not given a basis for which to start on. Give me a blank piece of paper and say "draw", and I'll sit there for twenty minutes thinking just WHAT to draw.

I make another RP, without killing myself with intense thinking, I should stick with more ancient history for basis. I don't know, I just have to use realistic elements off of things I create. That I guess was born from hanging out with my friends. My friends are what I call otakus, and this stuff here like on Pokemonelite2000 is what many of them live by. And they just like drive me INSANE with their creations and works. They're like "Okay, let's make an RP...I think I'll do...Naruto mixed with Bleach in an epic fantasy tale that somehow manages to have ancient Feudal Japan elements (that they think they're experts on, but really just know it based on Anime), with future Starwars tech in Tokyo!" I'm all like WTF?!!

Thanks you guys for helping me, even if it did make me scrap my RP for use as a fanfiction. It made me see that a lot of detail, can easily be TOO MUCH detail. I need to take it slowly, think the way of a player. What would I want to play with, where I can free?

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