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Default Re: {POSSIBLE SPOILER} Misty is coming back!?

Originally Posted by TitaniumAnimations View Post
Ok! Well it seems that this statement is confirmed by the Japanese voice actress (Mayumi Izuka). However when and how is a different question.

When-ESTIMATE: Season 12 or Season 13...
How-A guest or main character.

Here is the dealio on why Misty actually left.
1. Mayumi Izuka decides she just needs to sing.
2. She gets a singing career.
3. She isn't very successful.
4. She is left pretty much jobless.
5. Pokemon company many polls to bring Misty back.
6. They decide to bring her back.
7. There is a major hub bub in the Pokemon fan world.

It is confirmed that she is coming back. However, I want to get some feedback on what you people think. I think that it is great because it looks like Pokemon is doing something right since 2004...

It is confirmed she is coming back as a came character. The communities of: Bulbapedia, Pokemonwizez, AAML, and PokemonFans are as mad as the writer. Many fans, such as me want Misty back. Is this the sealed end of Pokemon. Will Pokemon fizzle out like John Tesh? Heck, sure as Helsinki looks like it.

ok ive read on hundreds of sights (literaly) tht misty is coming back as a main character im also reading on some of the hundreds of sites tht she is just going to make a guest apperance.....but i noticed something in the first episode of pokemon: black and white )or in japan pokemon: best wishes) that ash's mom ask him "did you remember you underware?" "yes mom" "....what about your hankercheif?"