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Default Re: Regarding Justin Beiber

Originally Posted by Chaos_Control View Post
I just think all of the popular pop/rap is utter rubbish. Look at my sig.
To be fair, Eminem, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga have talent, though I must admit that Eminem and Gaga are more so than Rihanna. Eminem's been a powerhouse for years before his fading away and comeback with his latest album (the one before it was crappy). He certainly has as much, if not more, talent than Nickleback, whom to many sold out after they got big back in the 2000's. Gaga has talent in pushing the right/wrong buttons at the right time. Perhaps not exactly a musical talent, but she is quite the entertainer.

And it's not true that all popular rap is bad: K'naan is REALLY good for someone who's popular. His lyrical prowess is similar to that of Talib Kweli and Common. Heck, Jay-Z is popular and he's good. I think the rap scene nowadays has become a lot better than in the past couple of years, with trash like Soulja Boi being popular back a couple years back...

Originally Posted by Phantom Kat View Post

Like Khajmer put it, Bieber isn't bad, but I personally think there's plenty of other artists on Youtube who are more talented than him. To see him instead of them on TV leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Sure his songs are 'catchy,' but so are many commercial jingles. Some artists on Youtube give you goosebumps with their voices or lyrics, so I rather listen to them.

Most of his fans, on the other hand, should be locked up in some deserted island. They're like Twilight fans, but worse - they sing.

- Kat
Talent is the exact opposite of what corporates want. They don't want an artist that thinks for themselves and do their own thing. They need something in their complete control and discarded when not needed. Beiber plays that role well.
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