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Default Re: How did you find Pe2k?

Alright... it all started when I was on the PokéCosmo forums. That forum has been long gone and been removed since November 2008. The website went down completely in the 2nd quarter of 2010. 'Twas only when Oni Raichu (which I know as Kevin now) talked about PE2K, I had a look a look on the forum and then searched his username and found his profile. And that's when I created my account, which was during the time when my username was changed to "Platinum Lucario" on The PokéCommunity Forums and of course The PokéCosmo forums. But of course... when I joined, I didn't do anything. Nor did I post anything and I don't think I replied to the Visitor Messages either, as a matter of fact... I didn't. 'Twas only when I found Xanthe's profile on The PokéCommunity forums, which her username on there was "GoldFlareon". I added her AIM and it took a few months before she actually came on AIM. At the end of December, I noticed a notification saying "Xanthe Flareon is Offline". Which is when I was all like "Damn! She just went offline!". xD Then suddenly... on January the first, two-thousand and eleven... she came online at nighttime in my time, I immediately said to her "Happy New Year!" and then introduced myself, and then we both got to know each other. And that's when she showed me her profile on PE2K, and that is what reminded me of the forum... and now I've decided to be on PE2K more often. Since I abandoned it back in 2008, I made my return. And I would just like to thank Xanthe (Graceful_Suicune) for helping me return to PE2K. ^^
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