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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

Yeah, no right way to enjoy music. How and why an artist makes music is only the start; how you choose to enjoy it is something entirely up to the listener. Any genre of music can't do one single job; the job it does is different from artist to listener.

This is also why indirect songs about pain are so prevalent; you can attach your own specific feelings to the song and personalize it. Same goes with music itself. Just because an artist makes a fast and aggressive thrash song about rage and destruction doesn't mean you can't just sit back with a beer and zone out.

As for things I hate in music, people who just go through the motions and don't feel their own music. Like 95% of pop radio artists. I hate when people write off metal as "loud, angry, screaming, devil worship", etc. I'd like to judo kick them in the stomage. Also Justin Bieber in general.
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