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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post
Personally, I think metal calms me down because it overpowers the Rap. Not just because it's epicer, but because it's simply louder ^.^
It's also familiar territory. Like, you know how when you get a hamster and they don't eat for a couple hours after you put him in his new home because he's uncomfortable so you have to play a reggae CD and then he starts running on his little wheel, then he eats food and passes out? Same thing.
Well... that's the worst comparison ever, but you probably get my point xD
Anyway, to answer your question:

Sworn Amongst, Dimension Zero, 44 Caliber Killer, Dishammer, doesmaidencountasthrash?

It's not REAL ammunition, is it? xD
Idk about where you live, but in America, that's illegal :P
There's plenty of metal that chills me out, but thrash? If it calms you down, it's not doing its job right. I mean, when this starts playing at BOA this year, I doubt the crowd's gonna be sitting on the grass!

Have you experienced any live? I reckon if I went up to a thrash band after they played a gig and said 'thanks man, that chilled me out', they'd probably be insulted! Last time I saw a thrash band I was privileged enough to have the frontman kneel in front of me and let me share the mic for the best bit of the song. 1:38-1:52! When he came to give me a high five afterwards, I certainly wasn't calm, I was shaking like a shitting dog and all I could say was 'thanks man, that was ******* AWESOME'

I dunno, I just find it very strange indeed. Go to a gig!

And aye, what Dan said. Though I've been stopped at train stations, airports and gig venues.

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