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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

The Ara'kaiz, however, seem drastically overpowered though, and the presence of Azkathon seems to reinforce that. Instead of Arceus serving Azkathon, I think it might be better to have them as equals, where they both have the same kind of caliber of power. They could also be rivals of creation, where Arceus and Azkathon have always been heated competition to create the better worlds. Seeing that Arceus is failing with the world of Pokémon (You don’t know how badly I wish they would just name the planet already, but we’ll go with Pokéarth for now), Azkathon sees it as the perfect opportunity to humiliate Arceus by sending in his legions of Ara’kaiz to essentially hijack the planet from Arceus’s grasp, claim it for himself, and laughingly stab Arceus’s pride (both can be immortal/extremely powerful, so even though they can’t kill each other, they can still affect each other’s creations and humiliate the other with their own accomplishments). However, with the rise of Empire, Azkathon realizes that wrestling Pokéarth from their grasp might actually be a challenging (and possibly entertaining) battle, but he’s confident enough to continue the campaign. You could also keep the Ara’kaiz as Scrin-like creatures, I think that works.
I prefer the Lovecraftian view, though what you say has merit. The way I see it, Arceus is fed up with having to serve Azkathon (wouldn't you, after having to see your creations destroyed over and over again?), but lacks either the power or the nerve to oppose him outright. But when something unexpected happens with the cycle, he finally sees a hope of resistance and decides to take it. Thus, he summons the Ara'kaiz long before he should have, at a point where the world isn't complacent enough to be wiped out and when the Ara'kaiz themselves are not ready. The Ara'kaiz are really expecting to descend upon an unsuspecting world that has been made complacent by centuries of peace without the capability to defend itself, but what they find is a highly militarized and aggressive civilization waiting for them.

Also, yeah, smaller Pokemon are basically terrified of the Ara'kaiz while the bigger ones are more apt to fight back. So agreed on that point.

In terms of the Empire and Morbane, Morbane’s wish for power to conquer the world is pretty vague, so in order to flesh out how the Empire rose up in strength, you need to go back to the source. What kind of power was Morbane given, how did he use it, and how does that power now shape the Empire to what it is today? What made the Empire strong enough to rise up and defeat all other factions that were in their way? Was it an ability to create drastically powerful technology, have extreme intellect, create elite super-soldiers, possible realty-bending powers, or something even beyond that? I think a lot of the Empire’s 20 year history really depends on what exactly Morbane was given by Jirachi, since it was because of that power that he was able to make the Empire of the Rising Sun what it is now.
I'm imagining it to be a One Ring-esque kind of power, the ability to bend hearts to his will and coordinate his forces with unprecedented efficiency through an omnipresent will that lies in all who swear allegiance to him. So basically, he's Sauron.

The other issue is Arceus’s resistance faction. Right now, as you have it, the resistance has even a lesser chance of beating the Ara’kaiz, having really only a handful of legendaries left besides a fragmented and pretty much defeated fighting force. The Ara’kaiz have only just arrived and are totally fighting fit, while Morbane’s Empire of the Rising Sun has superior strength (whatever Jirachi gave them), and already has pretty much all of the conquered world’s assets. The resistance, however, has barely anything, and in that retrospect, any RPer deciding to join that side would have to be some kind of hardass to jump into an RP with that much of a disadvantage already.

In terms of the resistance, I know you want to keep the resistance bruised and battered which is fine considering the storyline’s setting, but they need some kind of hope, and as it stands, they have zilch when it comes to that. Right now, the Ara’kaiz have a strong initial power, and the Empire also has strong initial power, even though they’ve taken some damage. For the resistance, I think it would be a good idea to give them a subtle power that starts off small, and grows over time. They just need to survive long enough for said power to evolve/grow to the point where they have a chance at defeating both the Ara’kaiz and the Empire. Otherwise, they’re just the monkey in the middle for the entire RP.
My response to this also answers the question you asked and the problem of Ara'kaiz supremacy. Namely, the resistance is battered and bruised, but so is everyone else. The Empire (need a better name for them btw) was decimated by the Ara'kaiz attack and really took the brunt of the invasion. They've been weakened to the point where Morbane decided to simply give up on holding the outer provinces and concentrate his military on the Kanto-Johto complex, where the heart of his industry and power lies. The resistance, on the other hand, has always been lying underground (figuratively and literally) and independent on official infrastructure. As such, they've hardly been affected by the Ara'kaiz at all. The fact that the Empire abandoned the other regions basically leaves them as the only government that exists at all. Sure, they have an enormous job on their hands fending off the Ara'kaiz and attempting to rebuild and arm their forces, but this is basically their trump card. If they can survive and build through the invasion while the Ara'kaiz and the Empire fight each other (both consider the resistance basically a non-threat, at the start of the RP at least, and the Ara'kaiz might not even know they exist) then they have a strong chance of defeating the Empire. Moreover, they can also have an alliance with the non-captured Legendary Pokemon, who form the majority of the remaining Legendaries and more-or-less control the Pokemon of the world. Obviously, Pokemon lack a real organizational structure, so that's an issue that'll have to be worked out over the course of the RP.

Life in Kanto-Johto is bad right now, but life outside it is really, really bad. This leaves a lot of young men and women with nothing to lose desperately wanting to do something. So resistance recruitment is going to go up like 10,000% in the first few months after the invasion. And they have tons of abandoned infrastructure and weapons that the Empire left behind in their panic to evacuate to work with. For the resistance RPers, the question is if they can rise to the occasion.

It just seems hard to tell if Arceus and the Ara’kaiz are actually allies or not (I’m guessing they’re enemies, but its hard to draw the line considering Arceus summoned them). For one thing, the Ara’kaiz seem like they’re out to continue the cycle and end the world of Pokémon once again. If Arceus called in the beacon to summon the Ara’kaiz and knew about their role in the cycle, he essentially completely betrayed every one of his Pokémon followers and the entire resistance faction, not to mention risk destroying everything he’s ever created (which seems very counter intuitive). To me, in the original setting, it sounds like Arceus is expecting his resistance faction to accept being destroyed and continuing the cycle, and he’s deceitful and self-destructive knowing what the Ara’akiz are and what they’re capable of. Eh… not too crazy, it makes Arceus seem like he’s insane and has completely lost his marbles.
So, as I said before, Arceus and the Ara'kaiz are enemies. Arceus summoned them because he saw that the situation on Pokearth was getting too dire, and that humanity would wipe out Pokemon before long. In addition, the fact that they were in the middle of a war meant that humanity was at the height of military strength, so the maximum possibility of defeating the invasion had been reached (by design, Pokemon alone could never defeat the Ara'kaiz; the humans make the difference) So he summoned the Ara'kaiz before they themselves were fully recovered from the last invasion. What he hopes will happen is that the threat of total annihilation from an outside force will cause humans, both the Empire and the resistance, to band together with Pokemon to defeat the Ara'kaiz. Of course, whether that happens is the point of the RP.

More points on the Ara'kaiz: Their initial landing was scattered all across the globe since they didn't expect much of a fight, with a higher concentration near Mt. Coronet. As a result, they launched massive attacks everywhere, leaving almost no place untouched by the invasion. Because of the surprise nature of the attack, they did a lot of damage. However, as the invasion progressed and Morbane's armies returned to Kanto-Johto, the Ara'kaiz were driven from the primary population centers there and now mostly lie in bases to the north of the region (in Kanto-Johto anyways, they are still strong in other parts of the world). Meanwhile, heavy Ara'kaiz activity remains in the other regions, where the resistance is busy trying to build up an army to defeat them. The worst is in Sinnoh, which has been rendered almost uninhabitable to Pokearth lifeforms. However, the Ara'kaiz themselves are badly hurt. They were not ready for the invasion, and the scattered nature of their forces meant they lost a lot of resources. Most importantly, the Ara'kaiz have no way to replenish their armies on Pokearth, so the longer the battle goes on the less and less likely they will be able to win. They will lose any war of attrition. As a result, they are experimenting with the cultists to attempt to create an army out of the humans. At the start of the RP, the number of cultists is very, very small, consisting mostly of kidnapped and brainwashed humans.

Finally, on Azkathon himself. The Lovecraftian in me says he will have no role in the RP itself at all. The spans of time to which he is accustomed to means he cannot react rapidly to changing conditions, which is why he created Arceus and the Ara'kaiz to do his bidding in the first place. The Ara'kaiz don't expect help from their master, and Arceus knows if that the humans defeat the Ara'kaiz Azkathon can do nothing about it. Heck, he probably won't even know about it until humans are flying around the galaxy in starships. So he's basically a non-factor as far as RPers are concerned.

Faction power and standings:

The Ara’kaiz + Cultists – Have the army of Scrin-like creatures, while the cultists are granted some small fraction of power that mirrors what the Ara’kaiz has to a minor degree. They mainly have human weapons, but they’re already showing signs of turning into the Ara’kaiz, both physically and socially (we’ll say roughly 10%-20% like them). Think of Wikus in District 9. All of them have the life-draining power, meant to be held for Azkathon, but can be used for themselves in emergency, life-threatening situations. As for the Pokémon of the cultists, they too, are slowly becoming more like the Ara’kaiz themselves.

Controls: – Sinnoh, and possibly a few other smaller regions like Fiore, Almia, and so on. Most of their force has not landed yet.

Technology: – Void/oblivion alien-like weaponry, as well as their natural powers of draining life-force. On par with what the Empire has.

RPers control: – Human cultists, bearing some slight resemblance to the Ara’kaiz, such as an transfigured arm, appendages growing from their back, or something like that. They also have a minor form of their ability.

Arceus’s Resistance – Consists of the surviving legendaries, Pokémon loyal to Arceus and against the Empire, as well as humans that faithfully follow Arceus despite how bad the situation looks. Currently, their numbers are low, they are scattered and divided, and are barely surviving. However, only they have the legendaries, as no legendary currently willingly follows either the Ara’kaiz or the Empire.

Controls: – Scattered around the globe, mostly hiding in Orre, Hoenn, and so on.

Technology: – Limited modern day salvaged technology. Very limited in effectiveness against both the Ara’kaiz and the Empire.

RPers control: – You’re going to think I’m nuts, but let them control the surviving legendaries. Considering the nature of the RP, Arceus’s Resistance should be nailed when it comes to personnel, resources, weaponry, and so on if the Empire has already trashed them into near-extermination. However, if you let RPers command the surviving legendaries, they’ll have way more of a role when it comes to trying to swing things around in favor for Arceus’s Resistance and will need to be resourceful when it comes to using their powers. Any legend not taken by an RPer could be considered dead (unless the number of resistance sign ups is low). I’m thinking have at least 10 surviving legendaries. The humans and Pokémon can be NPCS.

Morbane’s Empire of the Rising Sun: – Consists of humans and Pokémon empowered by whatever source of power Morbane received from Jirachi. Now, they command much of the world, but the arrival of the Ara’kaiz challenges them. Their numbers are strong, and they’re ready to take the Ara’kaiz head-on.

Controls: Johto/Kanto, Hoenn, Orange Islands, Unova, and most of the richer parts of the world.

Technology: – Strong modern day technology (AKA Future Weapons material), plus anything that benefitted from Morbane’s wish.

RPers Control: Humans
Agreed on most points. I think letting RPers control Legendaries is okay, but I don't really want to see everyone in the resistance being Legendaries. There's a lot of disagreement between the Legendaries about whether allying themselves with the humans is a good idea. Arceus hasn't really sat down and talked to them about the whole thing. As for the Ara'kaiz, I wonder if I should let them be an RP-able faction at all. Depending on how high activity is, I'd rather the RP have two factions with a couple of members each rather than three with hardly anyone. I think that the resistance will be the biggest group.

As for Unova... I really know nothing about it, and I think it might be best to just leave it out entirely considering that we basically know nothing about the region or what kind of Pokemon live there.

Oh, also, if you still have CNC3 installed we should play a game sometime :P

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