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Default Re: What inspired you to start writing?

Originally Posted by Coldarra View Post

FableHaven Series
Percy Jackson Series
Magyck Series
Eragon Series
All very good series ;D

Good authors inspired me, but I believe that the thing that inspired me most was probably my best friend growing up. We started working on a co-write together, but we never really got to finish it because I had to move away...

But still, I absolutely love to write! ^^ (lol even though I get so frustrated at my own writing at times xD)

What inspired me to start writing fan-fiction, though, was playing through FireRed--and looking for leaked information on the fourth-gen games. I stumbled across a forum where I was very intrigued about the fan-fiction section, then one day I realized: Hey, I could totally write fanfiction! LoL, so I did ^o^

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