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Default Re: [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures [G]-Looking for guest stars!

Really nice comic! I like the plot so far, and its pretty interesting to read in my spare time, I would love to guest star (well my characater not me xD) I really hope you keep this comic going.

Name: Jesse
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: Loud and and happy, but has a small case of angermanagment, loves his pokemon but hates to lose, is very obnoxious and generealy hates new people but will get along with others over time.
Preference: Both.
Trainer Title: Male Snowboarder from D/P/PT with the orange sweater thing.

Pokemon with > show the final form of the pokemon I want to get if I be a guest star that occors alot, maybe almost a majorish/minor role if I can be one.

Pokemon 1: (Main Pokemon, doesn't evolve) Skitty, no nickname, Female
Pokemon 2: Snorunt>Frosslass, no nickname, Female
Pokemon 3: Wailmer>Wailord, no nickname, Male
Pokemon 4: Poliwag>Politoad, no nickname, Male
Pokemon 5: Electrick>Manectric, no nickname, Male
Pokemon 6: SWablu> Altaria, no nickname, Female