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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Latio-Reol View Post
*Points at last part of quote* Hahahahah!

*stops laughing* Ok, onward!

First thing's first: Would I play this? Err...Actually, it's a good plot, but I'm not an Armageddon-RPer. I've also got other stuff on my hands, and School too...Plus, although it's good for the RP, the whole "Pokemon=Pigs for slaughter" thing going on is...err...Again, not for me.

Now then, onto the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

First off, aside from tech, What kind of special stuff does the Empire have? What about the Resistance? What about the Cultists? What do the Ara'kaiz look like? What do they have up their sleeves? Is it possible to play as them? I want to know! Maybe the Cultists have got some voodoo magic stuff going on.

Second thing: Where is the battle taking place? Who has what ground? The locations must be known! Is the Underground taken into account? Are the Ranger Regions involved?

Finally, The name. It really doesn't matter to me THAT badly, but Call of the Void doesn't really go well. I can't really get around the name. Call of the Reaper, or something like that, might do the job.

As per everything else...Brilliant.

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The Pokemon-for-slaughter thing isn't what it sounds like. The sight of the Ara'kaiz terrifies most Pokemon yes, but it doesn't actually leave them helpless. I'll change that in the final draft, it was mostly just poetic. While most of them would feel hopeless and think it pointless to try fighting, Pokemon that have trainers or that follow Legendaries would try and resist. Ultimately, I hope for the RP plot to focus on humanity and Pokemon working together to defeat the invaders, while the interior conflicts make that difficult.

Modern, or near-future technology mostly. No warmechs or stuff. The resistance fighters would be more basic technology. Also, I would imagine the cultists to have more arcane powers. Most of them are just plain old humans, but the ones who were absorbed could have telekineses or mind-control or eye lasers or something.

As for locations, I don't really know. The Empire would probably control the Kanto-Johto complex, and everywhere else is left up to the resistance groups. The Cultists could control Sinnoh, which I think will be Ground Zero for the Ara'Kaiz invasion. The Ara'Kaiz aren't too big fans of going underground either, so that could be used as an advantage. The Ara'Kaiz would just be spread out everywhere, since they're attacking everything at once. My idea is that their weapons steal the life-force from anyone they kill, which is stored and then given up to Azkathon when he arrives.

As for the Ara'Kaiz themselves... big alien things. Giant tripods, enormous flying centipede-like stuff, tentacles all over the place. Some smaller stuff too. In my mind I'm basing their general design off the Scrin from Command and Conquer 3. So like this. They might have their own command structure and individual personalities or be a giant hivemind, I haven't decided on that yet.

Arceus should also figure in the plot somehow, I'm not too sure.

If people express interest in RPing as Pokemon or as Ara'Kaiz, I'd be fine with that, but for now humans only.

As for the name, the Void refers to the nothingness from which the Azkathon, and thus Arceus and the Ara'Kaiz, emerge from. As far as humans and Pokemon are concerned, Azkathon is the personification of oblivion. The "Call" is then the return to nothingness, consumption by Azkathon. It's the call that every Pokemon and the world to which they belong to hear every cycle of death and rebirth, and to which they would normally find irresistible. But humanity can resist the call... or can they?

Oh yeah, I also need a way for humans and Pokemon to learn the stuff about the Ara'Kaiz and Azkathon. I'm thinking ancient prophecy, but the clicheness of that makes me wary. Any ideas?

EDIT: In hindsight, the Ara'Kaiz are inspired by the Scrin much more than I originally realized...

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