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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by Lusankya View Post
I really have nothing to add on top of the wall of text Neo posted :P

Anyway, here's an idea.

Title: Call of the Void
Fandom Basis: Pokemon-based, war and apocalypse junkies. (Creativity? What's that?)
Opening Plot:

It was inevitable really. Sooner or later, great, vulnerable power would be exploited. On the next pass of the Millennium Comet, a single madman grabbed hold of Jirachi and wished for the power to conquer the world.

Flash forward two decades. Nation after nation has fallen to the Empire of the Rising Sun. This new nation, led by the enigmatic Alexander Morbane (all names are subject to change at any time). Soon there all the major opposition is vanquished, leaving only scattered resistance. Unsatisfied, Morbane turns his visions of conquest to Nature. One by one, the Legendaries being to fall, either killed or captured in Morbane's bid for total domination. With them gone, nothing can stand in the way of his dream.

Battered and beleaguered, the remaining Legends and the Pokemon that have united to defend themselves against humanity's onslaught gather on the slopes of Mt. Coronet. Many have lost hope; the ones that still dare to dream turn their eyes towards the heavens, searching for a sign from their god, Arceus, a hope of salvation to turn the tides of this war. Yet as the armies of the Rising Sun approach, it seems that no hope remains. Surrounded, the Legends and their followers prepare to make their last stand.

From the sky descends a trail of clouds. No sign from Arceus, rather, a nuclear missile, intended to wipe out the resisters once and for all. But as the missile detonates, a miracle: a shining white beam erupts from the tip of Mt. Coronet, followed by an enormous shockwave that shields the mountain from the explosion and flattens the human armies. It would seem that their prayers had been answered.

Then they came. From the endless void beyond the highest reaches of human or Pokemon imagination, they descended from the stars in numbers to blot out the sun. The Ara'kaiz launch a massive assault on every major population center in the Pokemon world, slaughter that did not discriminate between Pokemon or human. The Empire is torn to shreds by the sudden assault; what remains rallies around their Emperor as the outer provinces, left to fend for themselves, attempt to organize around former resistance movements. Every Pokemon that gazes upon the Ara'Kaiz are filled with terror, unable to move. This fear is different from that the humans experience upon seeing the enormous reapers. It is a darker, more primeval fear, instilled by instinct going back to the dawn of the world, a foreboding sense of apocalypse in every heartbeat.

Meanwhile, the Ara'kaiz themselves are confused and disoriented. They had come when summoned by Arceus's beacon, as they had in every cycle before. But instead of descending upon a verdant green planet filled with life and Pokemon roaming every inch of land, sky and sea, they found a world devastated by war and industry and pollution and death, filled with these strange new creatures called "humans" that had never existed in any cycle before. Little do the humans and Pokemon know, the initial ferocity of the Ara'kaiz assault cannot be sustained; they face a strong possibility of defeat if their enemies are given time to recover and reorganize.

Inspiration: Not really any particular source.

Where you need help: Fleshing out the storyline, especially with Morbane and the human resistance organizations, as well as with the state of the Pokemon.

Also, some things about the plot that I didn't find a place to include above: The Ara'kaiz serve a master they call Azkathon, the Lord of Hunger. And, so does Arceus. The cycle of death and rebirth is one that has been played out for untold ages; Arceus was created by Azkathon to seed and grow new worlds for the Ara'kaiz to reap once they had reached maturity, and deliver that energy to Azkathon. Pokemon fear the Ara'kaiz on an instinctual level so much because they have ended the world of Pokemon so many times before, even though none of them except Arceus even knows about the cycle. However, on this particular cycle, the conditions were right for a new race of beings to evolve: humanity. Thus, this RP turns the traditional "man vs Nature" aspect of many human-vs-Pokemon RPs on its head. Here, humans and their creations are the only natural thing of the world, and everything else is artificial. And only with humanity is there a chance for the cycle to be broken, and the Ara'kaiz defeated before the Lord of Hunger arrives.

For now, I'm thinking that RPers will RP as humans which will belong to one of three factions: the Empire, the resistance, or the cultists, some of whom have been absorbed by the Ara'kaiz and now worship the beings and started a cult about it.

So, pimp this RP Neo!
*Points at last part of quote* Hahahahah!

*stops laughing* Ok, onward!

First thing's first: Would I play this? Err...Actually, it's a good plot, but I'm not an Armageddon-RPer. I've also got other stuff on my hands, and School too...Plus, although it's good for the RP, the whole "Pokemon=Pigs for slaughter" thing going on is...err...Again, not for me.

Now then, onto the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!

First off, aside from tech, What kind of special stuff does the Empire have? What about the Resistance? What about the Cultists? What do the Ara'kaiz look like? What do they have up their sleeves? Is it possible to play as them? I want to know! Maybe the Cultists have got some voodoo magic stuff going on.

Second thing: Where is the battle taking place? Who has what ground? The locations must be known! Is the Underground taken into account? Are the Ranger Regions involved?

Finally, The name. It really doesn't matter to me THAT badly, but Call of the Void doesn't really go well. I can't really get around the name. Call of the Reaper, or something like that, might do the job.

As per everything else...Brilliant.

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