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Default Re: Lesbian mouse gene found

However, what is true is that humans can be crowded like that situation. This is why the information there is so important, because our urban centers function very similarly to the box analogy: we have very small spaces where a lot of people gather, and within such a constraint, there is no food or water problems due to our use of supermarkets, plumbing, etc. Thus the use of the animal model itself actually sheds some light into human behaviour in an indirect fashion. That I think is the most important take home message that I was trying to state.
Hmm, I'm not so sure. If humans are the first species to encounter such environments, then there wouldn't have been any opportunity for such a trait to evolve. It's possible rats are just less particular about gender and, while a male rat would prefer a female rat, if they get sexually starved enough they'll go after anything that's alive. Thus, the behavior wouldn't necessarily be intended to reduce population density. Maybe something in the study makes this theory obsolete though.

id just like to mention that up till very recently most gay people lived as straight, and had kids and a wife. mostly to conform to the norms off society. thus its pretty easy for them to pass on the gay gene without any problem.
You cannot possibly know this for certain, as there's no way to tell if someone's gay unless they tell you they are gay, which they certainly won't if they're living as straight. And I'm pretty sure no surveys on the subject were done back then, and if there were they wouldn't be answered honestly. Actually, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that homosexuality has been in every culture, from ancient Greece and Egypt to East Asia and the Americas from the beginnings of recorded history. In fact, anti-homosexuality sentiments doesn't really seem to start until the 13th century in Europe when the penalty for it became death even though homosexuality was widely expressed during the Renaissance.

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