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Default Count to 35 before a Staff Member posts!

I keep finding this game on EVERY forum I visit, but not here. So I'm going to start one. The point of this is to get to 50 before a moderator or admin posts here. Sounds easy right? Well it is. You just count up by 1 (ex: 1, 2, 3, 4...) All regular rules apply here, but one rule is underlined: NO DOUBLE POSTING! What happens if we get to 50 20 35 75 15 you may ask? Well, we just keep counting! I'll start us off:


Edit: As of 2-8-2011 10:20 pm EST, staff members no longer reset the count to zero.

All staff members now reset the count. This includes orangies and brownies. The members are overwhelming! ~SJ

Hey, this is SJ. I lowered the count to 20 for the time being since there are so many active mods out and about. I may lower it or increase it further. Thanks! :)

I'm Ant2011 and I approve this^ message.

Hey, this is SJ (again). I increased the count to 35 for the time being since there are many active members and the mods are getting busy. XD Thanks! :)

SJ again. Oh my word, you members have reached over 100. I commend you on this, although, I must prevent your victory. Therefore, I am upping the count to 75. Beat that!

Lowered it to 35. c:

Lowered it to 15. :)

Thanks to a FABULOUS suggestion from Feather, the count is now 1000!
Frenzy Plant~

*knock knock* Count is lowered to 25!
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