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Default Re: Shiny Legendary Beast Trio available over Wi-Fi!

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
You can't on one cart.

Every event pokemon has a specific ID no to their Wonder Card which your game cart has stored in it's memory. The Gamestp Raikou's happens to be 59.
However since the WIN2011 Raikou is essentially the exact same one but for people who couldn't get them from Gamestop so they have the same ID no. 59.
So you can't get them both on one cart. I didn't get the Gamestp Raikou on one of my carts since I assumed they would do this like they did with the Gamestp Pichu and Jirachi when they gave them out later over wifi.
I thought you meant you HAD gotten one set, and then done the second on the same cart, which as far as I knew was impossible.

I would have left one cart unpopulated, had I been thinking.

But you just confirmed what I already knew. I just couldn't see how you'd done both sets on the same cart -- and you hadn't.

On another note... Is anyone else disturbed by Entei's cyanotic tongue?

I think it looks like he needs oxygen. STAT.
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