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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
It's actually more like half of a country or region we will be working in. Those town names work pretty well too actually (The first post, not Town A. That would be boring). Locations that may have gold, silver, coal, Tribal Settlements or Pokemon Herds must be marked as well.

Also, one of the primary conflicts is native/settler conflict similar to that of Avatar. One that will start out the RP is the removal of a native tribe from it's grounds on the account of large gold deposits directly underneath it. Hatred and prejudice runs both ways, and ultimately the decision for RPers is to either protect the native tribe's home or to destroy their homes and move them off the property.
With this situation, you could use that to have multiple conflicts going on in the RP as well, but it would probably be best if all the side-conflicts were at least partially linked to each other. For example, the Desert Snakes could be leading a mining operation that would may involve fighting off the natives. Or, the Desert Snakes could be deceiving the natives into thinking they'll get something out of the deal (better weapons to fight with, for example) for allowing them to mine their precious minerals. Still, the other settlers and lawmen know the Desert Snakes better than that and know its a lie. The natives, however, have been convinced otherwise, and may even help the Desert Snakes in hopes that their deal with them will be completed. Again, this is just one method on how you can tie two conflicts together so they work hand in hand.

I would still keep at least one conflict that intrudes on RP characters that might think they can dodge out of the central conflict. For example, you may have a rancher that might not be after the gold/silver/coal that's up in the mountains, and feels they can evade dealing with the natives. Or they could be a lawman or a mercenary simply not interested in mining themselves, though they would be after money or something like that. However, if you have desert bandits and raiders after their money, resources, livestock, and pose a serious threat to their safety, well, chances are good they're not going to be able to evade that so easily.

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