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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

Originally Posted by Operative View Post

i agree and disagree. some pop songs, not necessarily only american music, have a techno-like sound in which autotune is alright. but in no way should autotune take up any more than 1/5 of a song.

but then again, when has techno ever included that many vocals. :/
For Techno including it, not a lot. At all. But it's generally the only way to go if it is ever used. Clean vocals across a sweet techno breakdown in the background? Just won't work. At all.

For the first part, eh, I guess. The Techno-pop songs (I'll just call it Club for short, for a simple term) that use it do generally benefit from it, but more times than not its because of the techno beat (see above), in which you simply can't have a clean vocal across, otherwise it just won't work, or will be out of place. Club songs do benefit from it, but really, like you said, shouldn't take up more than 1/5th of a song.
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Oh, you started Pe2k at the same age as me (12), you go to College and you're from England. In my head this all adds up to:

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