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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

I also hate excessive swearing in songs. To me, swear words have lost a lot of their "shock value," and nowadays you hear them so often that they're meaningless. If they're occasionally used with reason and meaning to express frustration and anger, then its understandable, but if they're dropping the F bomb constantly in a song for no bloody reason, I just want to shut it off. I'd rather hear a baby whining.

On another note, I listen to a lot of techno/trance, and one of the things that's a major turnoff for me with that genre are the loud, high-pitched, squeaky synthesizer sounds they sometimes use for some of those songs. I also hate techno songs that seem to take FOREVER to get going and hit that "climax" where the tempo shoots up and really gets the pace of the song moving (I prefer fast-paced songs to begin with, but I have patience for songs that have a brief "warm up" period). And yes, there are many techno songs that never even get to that point, and just seem to be a slow and endless repetition of repeated beats and subtle sounds.

Also, I would like to know where and how slapping anime pictures on techno and trance songs for YouTube song videos got started. I don't hate it, but you see it everywhere. :P

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