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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

I tend to get annoyed about people's attitudes towards music more than things IN music. I've been heckled a couple of times- though admittedly the last one was only 'IT'S WAYNE'S WORLD, WAYNE'S WORLD' being shouted at me- but my good friend lives in a town that's severely horrendous in terms of acceptance, and as he has long hair and a denim jacket, other teenagers actually spit at him.

I'm having to think hard about actual things I hate, as I listen to NOTHING I dislike. If the radio is on, my headphones will be on, simple as that. However I've just thought of one thing... you know that thing that every song played on the radio now has? It's like a rhythm that sounds like a clap. Like boom-clap-boom-clap. EVERY SONG HAS IT. IT'S SO CONFUSING.

Autotuning is also very annoying and warbly (ooOoOaaHAhahaahAHahooOoooOoOoooguuuuurrrlll), though it's fun to try to imagine what the singer ACTUALLY sounds like. :P People are apparently very quick to settle with **** stuff nowadays.

I think Rap irritates me because the stuff I hear is just a constant onslaught of words. I literally end up saying 'oh my god, turn it off!' because it makes me grind my teeth. Saying that, it's the same for very long guitar solos that are completely mental. An example of that is here, at the start of the song, although I absolutely adore that band. The intro is, admittedly, dreadful. The rest of the song is great. ♥

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