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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

I love this thread <3

RP Title: The's a work in progress.
RP Fandom Basis: Pokemon with a splash of survival, drama, suspense...not quite apocalyptic
Opening Plot and Exposition:
What I got so far is that the souls of Arceus, Giratina, Dialga and Palkia have been damaged. The legendaries go into a state of hibernation in order to repair their souls. In the meantime, the real world has become disorientated, and the dimension is slowly becoming warped. Time is accelerated in some points, in others it is slowed, some places, it's stopped. Humans and Pokemon. To make sure that the world would return to it's normal state without damage, humans and Pokemon were put into a state of slumber by Darkrai and Cresselia, leaving these Pokemon and humans in Dead Zones of Time [times zones where time has stopped]. However, some humans believe that Arceus left them to die, along with a few other Pokemon in a heretic style outrage. Most hid away from the mass movements of humans and Pokemon until the majority of the world was at rest. They learned to read the boundaries of the distortions of the force they called 'Dimensian'. The humans that weren't taken by the Legendary's into a slumber were either taken in by the heretic group and preached about the world being left to destroy itself. Some hid from the massive group and were never found by the legendary Pokemon. Some hid for the purpose of giving those who couldn't defend themselves a reason to keep trying.

Some things that have happened is that evolution in Pokemon has entirely stopped. The large zones of time distortion are more noticeable if they are next to one that is more extreme to the time change than the other: eg: A stopped time zone is easily noticed from a normal moving one. Because of the space distortion, people and Pokemon's body's will not age in different time zones, but their life time will accelerate or slow.

The Safari Zone's would be used as unchanged areas that the humans who are still awake in remain in, community wise.
Inspiration: Boredom...and I wanted something scary...mostly boredom.
Where you need help:
Really just making this all work out. This is honestly two completely separate ideas put together. It's rough and needs some smoothing out in my opinion, so that's why I am here. Like how the souls would of been damaged. I'm thinking that could play into an unseen force that could give humans that are awake some special ability but yeah. It still needs some work.
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