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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

RP Title: I don't know this as of right now, but I will come up with one later.
Fandom Basics: I was thinking of Pokemon with a hint of Mytholagy, such as dragons, elves, and brownies (Little elf/fairy creatures dressed in brown, I guess). I might be able to fit in a bit of other things.
Opening plotline:
The land of Solensia, quite wide and open, was made within an anti-verse without Pokémon (*Dramatic gasp*) once Cyrus created a new world. Solensia was a land filled with unknown creatures such as dragons, elves, and fairies. No one knew the secret as to why it didn't have Pokémon, but everyone knew one thing: People whom went there almost never came back due to two powerful beings. The Vampires and Shadows. The Vampires, being fanged demons, were those to kill the humans. The Shadows, however, were normal ghosts whom did not go through humans at all times. They would capture humans and take them as slaves.

Back in the normal world, things started going haywire. Dragons started popping up in the linked regions, Kanto and Johto, fairies started to flutter in Floroma town, and Dust Elves started to flow into Hoenn, making people go in the wrong directions. People all over were being driven nuts, and some moved to Unova, not knowing that The Shadows had been sent there. There are few people left in the other four regions, but many fled to Kanto and Johto, hearing that many dragons had left to the other regions.

People from the land of Solensia are now fleeing to Johto and Kanto, causing an anti-flow in time. Time has stopped, and people are stuck on one simple day, Friday the 13, right in the middle of December. Snowstorms were hitting like air blows every day.
You must now try and find out what is causing this, and stop it.
(Yeah, I need to make this longer...)
Insparation: Well, I was drawing dragons a few minutes ago and watching SpongeBob SquarePants at the same time, and once I got to what, the 40th page I thought, Imma make a new RP, with both Pokemon and Dragon etc. in it. This is going to be. A fricking. Epic. Win. So yeah, it basically came out of my tracing/drawing out of a dragon, and my own ideas.
What I need help with: I really think I need help with the plotline, and I would need a banner to make it 'stick out' a bit. I'm not really fond with everyone, I have asked for banners before and never gotten them at times. Also I need ideas for titles, and fandom ideas that would be possible to add, not like Bakughan or Yu-Gi-Oh, it would basically be time-waisting trying to fit those in, plus I don't even watch them, nor like them.
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