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Default Re: Regarding Justin Beiber

I had to agree with what one of my teachers at school who'd commented about Justin Bieber . " His lyrics are actually pretty good if you really listen, the music alone is also great, his voice sounds good, and he is clean-cut. Singing is what he'd love doing since he was young, and so he put him out there in the economic world for a manager to take notice. He took chances to get himself noticed." And this teacher I have is an old Chinese guy! He also says singing was Jusitin Biebers talent.
So I'd say now his music is making people enjoying it.

I'm not a fan of Justin Bieber fan mind you (I just find him somewhat annoying, maybe I'm a tiny bit jealous).
Oh yeah, my mother who's in her forties likes listening to his music... I feel kinda odd about that!

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