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Default Re: Regarding Justin Beiber

This is a point I've wanted to put across about this pop vs rock debate for ages.

Is it not possible to like both types of music? I admit, I'm not particularly partial to heavy metal, but my friend listens to it, and whenever his mum is dropping me home from school, he usually listens to it in the car. I sometimes like what is played, sometimes don't - I wouldn't have it on my iPod, but if it came on on the radio, I wouldn't switch over. Same with Justin Bieber, I'm not a huge fan of his and I don't understand the Bieber Fever hype. But, if his music came on, I'd listen to it, and I might put it on my iPod, but that's because I prefer pop music over heavy metal (maybe because I'm more of a performer myself, and prefer stuff I can sing along to).
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