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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

@ NES2 for Western Horizon

It’s kind of a tough call as to whether I’d take part in this one, but I can’t say I would. Never really played Red Dead Redemption (though I’ve seen it being played and I’ve heard its good), but the theme in terms of a Pokémon RP is definitely original and I commend you on that.

Honestly, I think I would drop the whole classes and board game-like map setup. From what I’ve learned in past RPs, trying to reinvent D&D can kill an RP, and make it both difficult for the game master to manage, and it becomes needlessly confusing and complicated. That, and it really doesn’t increase the fun factor either (WAR Season IX’s RP attempted to do this, and it didn’t work all that well). Let a board game be a board game, and let an RP be an RP. Instead, let the classes be “roles” that put the RPer in a unique situation, rather than try to use complex RPG mechanics that aren’t really necessary.

Meanwhile, I think you need some other entities besides unnamed bands of natives, anonymous settlers, and more of a direction in terms of storyline. Give these entities names, characteristics, and a lot more depth. Maybe these RPer characters have to deal with a group of vengeful natives nicknamed the “Blackscalps,” known for cutting the scalps off of dead, unwary travelers and then dye them black to dishonor and ridicule them. Meanwhile, their leader, Midnight Falcon, is rumored to be a savage cannibal. Then you could have a band of vile outlaws named the Desert Snakes, known for being raiders, pillagers, looters, and grave-robbers. They too, could have a leader by the name of Jack McGriff, who could be “the man whose face is known only by the dead” because he wears some kind of mask or bandana around his face, and only takes it off in front of those who have surrendered to him and his men… just before he kills them with a bullet between the eyes. The more depth you give, the more life the RP has, and the more storyline elements you tap into.

Meanwhile, the roles you have are okay, but they’re not really all that exciting. Digging for gold and settling in the new frontier is okay, but I wouldn’t make it the main core objective (could be a side background storyline that’s also going on though). Instead, shoot for a storyline where something like the local law enforcement is depending on others for their help (the RPers) as the current problem and crisis that gets the RPers up and going. As an example background storyline, the town of Mayfield, Jonestown, and Sandy Springs each lost their sheriff and that sheriff’s deputy, as well as plenty of good law-bringers, each found with their star badge in their mouth as a message to the local law enforcement. These three towns have had to reluctantly call upon mercenaries, guards for hire, and even known shadowy vigilantes for help. Let’s face it, would you rather be a charismatic Wild West desert avenger out for payback, or just some guy heading to the hills for gold?

Other fictional elements and urban legends can be thrown in the storyline as well, such as something like the Mysterious Desert Angel, believed to be a local law enforcer that refused to rest even after death. As the legend could go, there are those that have seen him during bandit shootouts, helping the good guys, but he seems to disappear just as the battle concludes. Different stories could exist for what he looks like, some believing they’ve seen a lone desert ranger dressed in white clothing, and some with even seemingly farfetched recollections of seeing wings on his back while accompanied by a mysterious Mienshao that people have claimed to see disappear into the wind.

The more personality you give the storyline, the more interesting it becomes. I kind of agree that a map would be helpful, since I don’t really see any of the existing Pokémon regions being too useful for this. However, I wouldn’t turn it into a grid, that’s not really necessary to make the RP good.

Let me know what you think, but giving the RP some more depth something along the lines of what I mentioned above would really help it. I would also make it more action-oriented, since people like RPing heroes and antagonists and getting into fighting the good fight (or the bad one!) instead of taking the not so exciting role of mayors, politicians, or money-mongers.

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