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Default The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

The Role Play Forge
RP Creation Teamwork

It’s true, sometimes the best ideas aren’t made by one person alone, but that one person can help get things started. The goal of this thread is to take one person’s initial ideas and get other people to help with creating more aspects and elements to the RP and help turn it into something epic. Also, it can help you get feedback from other members regarding what their views on the RP are.

Meanwhile, if you’re submitting your RP ideas here, be open to suggestions, and be willing to change aspects of your RP around, especially if you’ve hit a wall and you need other people to help turn an idea into a full-fledged role play. At the same time, if you’re coming here to help others with their role plays, be creative, inventive, and suggest things that can help the RP achieve new heights and include new dynamics.


To help you place a layout for others to see where you’re going with your RP idea, follow this form.

RP Title: – If you have one, put it here. If not, that’s perfectly okay.
RP Fandom Basis: – Mention if its Pokémon or non-Pokémon. If its following another fandom, mention it here so those who are familiar with it know what to expect. Completely original ideas are also a definite go, so don't feel the need to feel forced to tie this to a fandom of any kind if that's not what you had in mind.
Opening Plot and Exposition: – Give us a quick summary of what you’re expecting the beginning storyline to be like, and what the RP is about. Mention what kinds of characters you’re expecting people to create (if they’ll be humans, Pokémon, fantasy races, and so on), and what kind of world/setting they will be placed in. What’s the crisis at hand, and what will turn these characters into heroes and antagonists? What’s an example of something that might happen in this RP? The more depth you provide, the better people will understand where you’re trying to go with this idea and will come up with more ideas that fit the foundation you’ve provided.
Inspiration: – What inspired you to come up with this idea, and it is based on something from another game, story, movie, or something like that?
Where you need help: – Chances are good you came here trying to see if there was anything more you could add onto your RP, or if you think something should be changed about it. Also, if you got stuck, mention what seems to be blocking you from adding more or is stopping you from feeling confident about releasing the RP.


Since people who are submitting RP ideas need help, that’s where you come in and can offer some of your advice. Mention what RP idea you’re referring to, and try to use this as a guideline:

Would I take part in this, yes or no? – Don’t just say yes, highlight the things that the idea-creator mentioned that drew in your interest. See if you can expand on them a bit, and have them cover more ground. And if not…

What would I like to see added to this RP that would make me take part in it? – Yes, you! If you like the original idea, what could be added to make it even better? And if you’re not too keen on the idea, what are some of the things about it that deter your interest, and what could be changed to make you want to take part in it? Be honest, the more open and forward you are, the more the creator will understand where others are coming from and can adjust the idea accordingly to the opinions of other people.

Things that could help: – What are some of the things that you think would be nice to see added into this RP, even if they don’t quite fit the original theme the creator was intending (who knows, they might find a way to tie it in anyway). The more detail you provide, the better the creator will see your ideas and possibly think of ways to implement them.

  • Respect other people’s ideas. Don’t say it won’t work, it isn’t practical, it’s already been done, or that its stupid. That’s the fastest way to kill someone’s ideas and their motivation, and it’s not nice either.
  • Try to make sure your advice is helpful and constructive, providing depth and reasoning. There’s no idea that’s too weird or too out there to use, as long as its handled right. The original manuscript for Harry Potter was rejected a whopping 12 times from 12 publishing houses (who I am sure are kicking themselves right now). With that in mind, don’t trash a strange or uncanny idea, it may just be the next big thing.
  • Address the idea itself, not the person making it. With that same note, respect the person, don’t write belittling comments about them with your feedback. No one likes to see that.
  • With your feedback, try to think of suggestions that give the storyline some more dynamics. Even trying elements from other genres could help. A fantasy-based idea might benefit from a theme that could be considered horror. And so on.

With that said, lay out your ideas, and the rest of us will see what we can do with them. Even if its been a tiny idea that's been on the back of your mind but you haven't felt up to turning it into a full RP just yet, this is the perfect place to put your idea and see what others can do to make it work.

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