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Default Re: Role Play Rules, Standards, and Creation Guides


I know, its another Photoshop image. However, sometimes going that extra step to show you really went all out to make an RP by including nice-looking graphics and presentation really encourages people to take part it in, knowing you’re not going to let it die off so easily.
  • Lightbringer – The clerical healers of the Kyral colony, the Lightbringer Clan members are able to heal wounds, repair broken bones, and remove deadly poisons. Meanwhile, as they are blessed with the light, they are able to illuminate dark passage ways and use their power of light to blind enemies.
  • Skychaser – The Skychasers are members of the Kyral colony that were actually born with a pair of feather wings, able to fly and use the power of wind. However, physical blows hurt them more as their bones are hollowed to allow for flight. Have the same attacks and weaknesses as flying Pokémon.
  • Blazefury – Members of the Blazefury Clan are able to outrun even a Rapidash, moving with swift agility and dexterity. Meanwhile, they have some control over fire (able to do small fire attacks like Ember and Fire Spin, but nothing like Flamethrower or Fire Blast) and have full resistance to flames. They can essentially take a bath in lava and laugh off Fire Blasts like its nobody’s business.
  • Stormcaller – The Stormcaller members of the Kyral colony are the weather regulators, able to call in heat waves, blizzards, thunderstorms, typhoons, tornadoes, hurricanes, and so on to affect a thirty mile area. Members of the Kyral colony will only be minimally affected by the weather changes (they might get wet from a hurricane, but they won’t get blown away).
  • Spiritseeker – Members of the Spiritseeker Clan have the same credentials as psychic Pokémon, able to use psychic attacks, use long-range telepathy, use telekinesis, read minds, use clairvoyance, and can send visions in the forms of dreams (allowing someone to see what they’ve seen). They also share the same strengths and weaknesses as psychic Pokémon.
  • Shadowmancer – Members of the Shadowmancer Clan are able to communicate with the dead, as well as “borrow” their memories. A Shadowmancer can find the corpse of a dead Pokémon and use their innate power in combination with direct contact with the corpse, they can learn and see things that the dead body once knew and saw in life. Meanwhile, Shadowmancers have the ability to bring life back to the dead, though anyone brought back from the dead this way will be in critical condition and will die again if they are not healed quickly (a Shadowmancer and a Lightbringer can raise someone back from the dead back to full health).

No real changes here. Again, remember to keep powers balanced and to make all of them interesting. You don’t want everyone to pick the same thing.


Okay, yeah, I bet you’re all wondering how I made this map. Truthfully, it really was not all that hard, but it does require some Photoshop and maybe another drawing program. Most of this is pretty basic, but I’ll explain it all. Again, if you’re going to feature a new place or area in your RP that doesn’t have a map already, strongly consider making one. Even a basic map done in MS Paint is better than nothing.

Whenever you start a new map, begin with the outlines of the continents in whatever drawing program you plan on using. Keep in mind how many continents you want to make. So in this case, I made three, with two of them adjacent to each other. Also, you want the map to have a decent enough size, especially if the characters will be moving around a bit (which they will be in this case). Also, decide what kind of terrain you’d like to cover. As you can see, I made Lamac a mostly desert country, while Nazmarc has many mountains, tundra areas, and forests. Meanwhile, Janzek has plains, marshlands and swamps, and as you may notice, the starting point, Versais Forest.

Color the map accordingly and give your locations labels like this. Make sure you make it easy to distinguish between cities and geographical locations. I did that by using white dots to resemble human cities (small dots for small cities and towns, and big dots for large metropolises) in one font and use a different font to cover the geographical locations. And then yet more fonts were used to label the continents themselves, as well as the oceans. Truthfully, I find this makes the map easier to use and understand. Make sure everything is pretty easy to read and isn’t too cluttered to the point where you can barely tell what’s what and where.

So, what did I do to this map to give it that kind of grainy, worn-down, old paper effect? Simply put, all I really did was bring the map into Photoshop, add a new layer with an old paper texture found off of Google image search, and then put that old paper layer above the map layer on the “Overlay” setting. After that, I lowered the saturation of the map layer so it blended better with the texture. That was it! You could easily experiment with other kinds of textures for different effects to see which one works best for the kind of map you’re making.

KEY POINTS: As you may notice, the three locations that were highlighted in the prophecy are in there too, along with a clear location of where the Versais Forest (the starting point) is. Don’t forget about critical things like this.

Lamac – Once a thriving desert nation consisting of the Daysarian Desert and the Kabal Wastelands is now a nightmare of post-apocalyptic ruins where mutants and other macabre beasts roam the landscape, struggling to survive in the harsh landscape.

This is just a small description of the area. You don’t need to go too overboard, especially if most of the area explains itself. From the description, we can tell that Lamar, which was hit with the viral strikes from Nazmarc and Janzek, is mostly in ruins. From the map, we can see where the Daysarian Desert is and where the Kabal Wastelands are. It can also be assumed that the three smaller cities, Jaladon City, Tasnakan, and Mathaias Point are in ruins and are swarming with vile creatures. Whether the Pokémon of Kyral will actually need to go to these places depends on the RP. Its possible that before or after traveling through the desert… they’re going to have to do something about their hunger and thirst…

Nazmarc – The nation of Nazmarc is a large and mountainous region with many pine and temperate forests. Up in the north, the cold tundra areas of Koratal and Frostedge lie while in the center of the region, the landscape rises to give way to the Bethian Mountains and the massive Cartel Canyon.

Again, this is a simple description that gets to the point and covers the area. Judging from the storyline, the human locations of Hedgestone City, Koratal City, and Tanson are likely quite populated with many of the “Tainted” Pokémon that Cleansing Fire is trying to eliminate. When it comes to these cities, you don’t need to describe each one. Let the RPers handle that if by chance these locations are visited during the RP’s course.

Janzek – The highly populated region of Janzek consists of many rolling plains in the north while swamps and bayous are around the south. Two of the major once-human cities of Janzek lie here. Benton, once a huge metropolis that consisted of many factories and industrial centers, is one of the main last havens for Tainted Pokémon. In the east, the urban center of Dietrich used to be a large finance and corporate center before the White Neutralizer bombs turned its civilians into Pokémon.

As you may notice, I went into a little more detail with Benton and Dietrich mainly because they’re two major cities. Chances are likely (but not definite) that these two locations may be involved with the RP, especially Dietrich which sits right next to the Talsara Lake Valley, where the Kyral prophecy mentions the Lake of Dreams. As for the other towns of Deltatown Springs, Oceanside, and St. Peterstown, there’s really no need to detail them right now. Let the RPers take care of that if those locations are visited during the RP’s course.

After all that, any interested RPer will likely know what each location is like and they’ll have a pretty strong understanding of what the general area is about.


- Please, no spamming.

This may seem pretty needless since no one likes spam, but it helps to make it clear. You never know.

- Please write your RPs with correct spelling and grammar.

Honestly, it would be nice if this didn’t even have to be mentioned, but there are some people that will post on the forums like they do on instant messengers, speaking like “i know wut ur doin but do u know wat im? lol!” Think of RPs as an unfolding novel. With that in mind, no respectable publishing house would take a manuscript filled with that kind of internet chat junk.

- Limit OCC chat. Please use the discussion thread if you have questions or need to work out something with someone outside of the RP.

Make sure you mention that you want to limit OOC (Out of character) chat in the RP. Otherwise, people might feel its okay to put entire posts that consist of nothing but this kind of chat, and the problem with this is that its awfully distracting from the RP.

- Posts should be at least two paragraphs long, but generally, posts that are at least a page long in MS Word are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

To me, this is really important. If you don’t put in something like this, people are going to recklessly slap hastily made posts in your RP, and I’m sure everyone would far rather see their RP with rich and nicely detailed character posts as opposed to one-liner junk that would really undermine the goal of your RP. Remember, you worked hard on this RP. Make sure people know you want them to RP their best while they’re in here.

- Every post should have your character’s name, clan, and location at the top. This is to make it easier for characters to locate each other and be able to tell where they are.

This tradition was started with War RPs, and I love using it. It makes it many times easier to find RPers and interact with them. Meanwhile, it also informs other people in the same area that other RPer characters are currently there and they should be on the lookout for them. I’ve noticed that ever since I started encouraging people to do this, RPers have more interactions and it saves people from having to reread entire posts to figure out where each person is.

These are just a couple rules, but you may feel the need to add more. That all depends on the RP itself and your own personal preferences.


The way people fill out sign up will ALWAYS inform you of how they will end up RPing. If the sign up looks like junk and was made in ten seconds, that’s very likely how the person will be posting if you accept them. Never feel guilty by making someone go back to adjust and reform their sign up if you don’t like what they’ve done with it.

Name: – Your character’s name. No need for a last name.
Species: – Either a Pichu, a Pikachu, or a Raichu
Gender: – Male or Female
Age: – Assume Pokémon live as long as humans do.
Clan: – Which one of the six clans your character belongs to, and what powers and abilities they will have.

These are basic details that shouldn’t be too much trouble, but make sure you look them over. You never know, I’ve seen people do some pretty wild things.

Description: – What your character looks like. Even though everyone knows what a Pichu, a Pikachu, and a Raichu look like, highlight more on any distinguishing differences, such as a frock of longer hair, scars, birthmarks, and the like. At least one paragraph please.

Personality: – Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook on life. Detail how they view and regard the world around them, and how growing up in the Kyral colony has affected them. At least one paragraph please, two or more preferred.

Background: – Your character’s history and background. Cover the details regarding the kind of childhood they had, what their parents were like, and any major events that happened to them that shape who they are today. Two paragraphs minimum, three or more preferred.

Now these are ESPECIALLY the details you need to be on the lookout for, since how people write these details about their character will greatly reflect on what their RP posts will be like. If they’re vivid with detail, have great description, and really give birth to a believable and realistic character, then you’ve got a good RPer on your hands. But if they’re filled with a lot of vague junk and it looks like the person barely gave any of these categories an ounce of thought, reject it and tell them to do it over as many times as it requires. The second you accept a low-quality RP sign up is the moment you say “hey, its okay if everyone else signs up like this.” Be aware of the very minimum that you want. Never accept anything below it.

Other: – Anything else about your character you’d like to add.

Rarely, this last miscellaneous detail gets filled out. Check it anyway just in case. You never know when someone might slip something in there that could potentially screw things up.


Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s pretty much the whole process I use to make an RP, and the whole thought process that goes on behind it. At this point, you should have a better understanding of what goes on with how I make RPs and its up to you if you would like to use these methods yourself.

But in the meantime, here are a few more things that I have to say that might help with your RPs:


Through all my years of making RPs, these are some things I’ve noticed.

Be an Inspirational Disc Jockey – Play music while you think about your RPs. Lots of great, mood-influencing music that helps gear your mind toward brainstorming the kinds of themes you’re shooting for in your RPs. Maybe the soundtrack to your favorite intense action movie, the creepy music of that survival horror game, or some pounding techno for that energy rush you need. Generally it helps if the music you’re listening to fits the kinds of ideas that you’re trying to shoot for.

While I was working on this idea, I had music playing almost the entire time, stuff from metal bands such as Battlelore, Nightwish, In Flames, and DragonForce. I also had some techno music playing while I was working on the powers and tying the ideas together. Along with that, music from many different video games (songs without lyrics). You’d be surprised, getting into the mood helps the creative juices going, especially while you’re brainstorming.

Time – Don’t be too quick to throw a bunch of ideas together. Sometimes it takes some time to think of ideas that fit well and can complement each other. Its true what they say, sleeping on it does help sometimes.

Popular Themes – These are some things I’ve generally noticed during RPs:

Transformation/Not Role Playing a Human – I’ve noticed that a LOT of people love transformation elements in RPs. And let’s face it, an ability like that in real life would be pretty cool. Heck, the entire Pokémon Mystery Dungeon spinoff franchise is based off of a human becoming a Pokémon, and look how widely popular that got. Features like these invite people to think outside the box a little more, using things that would not have ordinarily been available to them if they were RPing a normal human. As you may have guessed, it lets people see things from a totally different perspective, an experience that can be much more interesting.

Brink of Hopelessness – Situations where the RPers seem to be the last hope for humanity (or whatever) are generally looked up upon. Make your RPers feel like they have a chance at being real heroes or villains, rather than feel like they need to be always walking in some NPC’s shadow or have little potential to make a difference. Meanwhile, they give the RPers motivation to do something. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to make the difference if it all came down to you? Don’t you want to have the chance to be the one that answers the call to action?

Multiple sides – Technically, the Guild of Salvation RP idea starts off with all the RPers on the same side. Who said it needed to stay that way? Its possible one of the RPers might decide to have a little fun betraying his buddies to be able to put a whole new spin on the RPs development. Also, having RPers VS RPers is much more fun than having RPers just all bashing in the heads of some NPCs. But, the later can be good as well as long as everyone contributes to the situation and conflict realistically.

It is possible for the Kyral RP idea to allow people to start off on the Pure Pokémon side, or possibly even be one of the Tainted that might later decide to join the Kyral members. However, the danger in this is running the risk of not having enough Kyral members to do the necessary rituals that need one member from every clan.


Well, I hope this guide has helped you in one way or another when it comes to making RPs. Without a doubt, your pool of inspiration sources and your ability to make use of them will be your greatest assets when it comes to making your RP.

Also, remember that if your RP idea doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Think about what happened with the RP and what may have gone wrong. Did you give characters too much power, or were you unable to stop one RPer from doing something too drastic that derailed the flow of the RP? Did your RPers run out of things to do, or did the whole idea just seem to get too stale after a while? Or did the RP fail simply because schoolwork/jobs took too many of your vital RPers out of commission? Sometimes, you could have a really great RP, but something beyond your control takes it out. Don’t get discouraged, learn what worked and what didn’t, and give it another shot. Hey, I’ll openly admit that I don’t get it right all the time either.

That, and practice, practice, practice. My first few RPs were garbage, but I kept at it and get better and better at making them. If you do that too, then you’ll get the understanding of how to make a really good RP that fits your style and could attract many people to it.

And with that, I thank you for reading this tutorial, and I hope it helps you in some way or another. Good luck, and I hope this helps you bring many great RPs to life for many people to love.

Now go and enjoy that sundae!